4 Ways to Buy Plasma Cutting Machine to Help You!

1. Determine the thickness of metal most commonly cut by plasma cutting machines

The first factor to be determined is the thickness of the metal typically cut. Most plasma cutter power supplies are rated by cutting capacity and current. Therefore, if thin metals are typically cut, a low current plasma cutter should be considered.

Also, while smaller machines cut a certain thickness of metal, the quality of the cut may not be guaranteed. Instead, you may get hardly any cut-through results, and you will be left with useless metal residues. Every machine will have an optimal cut thickness range setting - make sure the setting is right for your requirements.

In general, the selection of the plasma cutting machine must be multiplied by 60% on the basis of the limited cutting thickness, so as to become the normal cutting thickness of the equipment (the cutting effect can be guaranteed). Of course, the thinner the cutting effect, the faster the speed, and the thicker the cutting effect, the lower the cutting speed.

2. Select the load duration of the plasma cutting machine equipment

Be sure to check the machine's work load continuation rate if you're cutting for a long time or automatically setting cuts. The load duration is simply the continuous working time before the device overheats and needs to cool down. Workload duration is usually determined as a percentage based on a 10-minute criterion.

Example: A 60% duty cycle at 100 amps means you can cut continuously for 6 minutes (10 minutes is 100%) at a current output of 100 amps. The higher the duty cycle, the longer you can continue cutting.

3. Comparison of the loss and life of the plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting torches have various external parts that need to be replaced, usually we call them consumables. The machine to look for should be the one with the fewest consumables. Fewer consumables means cost savings. Two of them need to be replaced: the electrode and the nozzle.

4. Can the plasma cutting machine provide a high frequency start option?

Most plasma cutters will have a pilot arc that uses a high frequency to direct current through the air. However, high frequencies can interfere with nearby electronic equipment, including computers. Therefore, a start-up method that eliminates these high frequency potential problems may be quite advantageous.

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