A Solution To The Noise Of The Machine

If the decoiler machine is found to produce noise during operation, the root of the problem should be found. Only by solving the problem fundamentally can the trouble be prevented. The following are the reasons and solutions to the noise of the machine:

① To find out the cause of noise, we must find the source of noise, such as electromagnetic noise, ventilation noise, noise due to resonance of the chassis and noise caused by bearing quality problems.In general, the noise of the leveler can be divided into electromagnetic noise and mechanical noise.

② Mechanical vibration noise refers to the unbalanced weight of the rotor, which produces vibration of a certain number of revolutions. It is necessary to detect the faulty motor in the tablet machine and various equipment to avoid operation with faults.

③ The rotation of the motor bearing of the decoiler machine produces natural sound under normal conditions. There is almost no problem except for the case of small motors or high speed motors. However, the natural vibration of the bearing resonates with the material of the motor component, the spring constant in the axial direction of the bearing causes the rotor to vibrate in the axial direction, and problems such as frictional noise due to poor lubrication.

④ Fluid noise. The ventilation noise caused by the fan or the rotor is difficult to avoid for the motor, and in many cases will affect the overall noise of the motor. In addition to fan blades or iron core teeth causing whistle sounds, it is also necessary to pay attention to resonance in ventilation.

⑤ The electromagnetic noise during the entire operation of the decoiler machine is the noise caused by the imbalance of the magnetic circuit or the magnetic force of the magnetic force and the air gap, and the magnetic noise caused by the saturation of the magnetic flux density or the eccentricity of the air gap.

As mentioned above, we have basically understood the causes and solutions of noise generated by the decoiler machine. As long as we operate in strict accordance with the requirements, we can avoid noise generated by the machine.

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