Advantages and Installation Analysis of Stainless Steel Spiral Duct Machine

Spiral air duct, also known as spiral bite seam thin-walled pipe, is widely used in spiral air duct. The purification system sends back air ducts, air duct central air conditioning systems, industrial exhaust ventilation duct ventilation, environmental protection systems, exhaust ducts, mining air pipes, mining glued air ducts, etc. Spiral duct machine is a device for manufacturing spiral ducts.

Ⅰ. What are the uses of the stainless steel spiral air duct produced by the spiral air duct machine manufacturer?

1. Exhaust oil fume. The kitchens of hotels or restaurants generate a lot of oil fumes, and the use of circular air ducts is the oil chimney. The stainless steel spiral duct machine here is called the oil chimney.

2. Dust removal. There is a lot of floating dust in the workshop of some processing plants, and professional ash removal equipment is required. For pipes with large air flow, stainless steel spiral air pipes can be used.

3. Bulk material conveying. In the process of some processing plants, it is necessary to transport loose particles, especially those with a small specific gravity such as foamed material particles. The stainless steel spiral duct is cheap and easy to use.

4. Air supply, including ventilation, such as air supply and exhaust, with a wide range, such as factory workshop, production site air, etc. Due to the generation of harmful gases, outdoor air needs to be discharged indoors. At this time, it is necessary to use air conveying pipes with large flow and low pressure, and spiral air pipes are more suitable. Galvanized iron pipes are generally used in corrosive and particularly humid locations.

5. Send cold air. The common stainless steel spiral air duct is the pipeline of the central air conditioner. This kind of pipeline needs to be added with fireproof and thermal insulation materials. The spiral air duct can be pasted with thermal insulation materials, and the surface looks beautiful and generous.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of the spiral duct machine?

Spiral duct machine is a machine for producing spiral ducts. Spiral air duct, also known as spiral bite thin-walled pipe, the exquisite spiral pressure corrugation process makes the spiral air duct have pressure strength. After adding the spiral corrugated ribs, the thickness of the bite seam is four times that of the pipe body, and the pipe has a high rigidity and a strong performance. The advantage is that it can withstand pressure loads without non-destructive deformation. The product has good matching, high degree of standardization, good sealing performance, small ventilation loss, low ventilation noise, and round pipes are better than square pipes. Easy to install, few contact points, small installation space and low installation cost. The wet area of the section is small, the resistance along the path is small, and the energy loss is small. Fully machined, no secondary processing required for one-time molding. High-speed flying cutting machine with high pipe diameter accuracy.

The manufacturer of the spiral duct machine adopts the methods of reducing diameter socket connection, sleeve connection, flange connection, and strap connection, etc., which makes the installation easier. The thermal insulation performance of the outer diameter is better than that of the rectangular duct. When the cross-sectional area is the same, the perimeter of the rectangular air duct with an aspect ratio of 1:3 is longer than that of the spiral air duct, which saves materials; similarly, due to the perimeter of the spiral air duct, the thermal insulation material can also be reduced accordingly.

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