Advantages of Air Duct Manufacturing Machine

Air duct manufacturing machine can help the duct production speed improve, can also improve the quality of duct production. Only in this way can make the company's products have greater advantages, but also for the company to receive more customers trust. As a professional duct machine manufacturer, we’d like to take you to understand the advantages of air duct manufacturing machine.

1. The production of mechanical molding duct doesn’t hurt high-quality galvanized sheet, the galvanized layer is not damaged so that it’s service life would be extended.

2. Mechanized production lines of pipe fittings and joints and spare parts have a standard sealing ring. Due to the standardization, factory production, so they have better air tightness.

3. Unique welding method. The use of a new low-temperature welding form without damage to the product galvanized layer. And the welding joint is solid, beautiful, good sealing. There is no need to do any treatment on the weld.

4. The HVAC duct fabrication machine can ensure the smooth gas pipeline and does not affect the pipeline circulation diameter through scientific joints, bite method.

5. Enhancing the beauty of the pipeline. With beautiful appearance, structure, smooth lines, superior performance, installation of the exposed duct, the air duct manufacturing machine is very applicable.

6. Unified specifications and size standards ensure that the inner wall of the pipeline is flat and smooth, which is convenient for cleaning and smooth conveying of materials.

7. Mechanical forming of the reinforcement improve the strength of the wall, which can save material thickness and reduce costs. The thickness of the spiral air duct is 4 times that of the pipe body, which makes the pipe very rigid and has the best performance to withstand pressure, especially the negative pressure.

8. The HVAC duct fabrication machine is manufactured by the mechanized assembly line, which improves the production efficiency and effectively reduces the delivery cycle. Advanced computer process control program blanking, production, to ensure the accuracy of the size of the pipeline components, so as to ensure that the installation and construction of fast, convenient, improve the efficiency and economic benefits.

9. The self-forming flange can make the pipe material is unified, no longer use Angle steel flange, and reduce the weight of the pipe up to 20%. So that the load carrying capacity of the building can be greatly reduced, thus reducing the overall cost of the building.

10. The typical circular pipe fitting is generally 3-6 meters long, and the rectangular pipe fitting is 1-1.5 meters long, which reduces the connection point of the pipe fitting and minimizes the leakage of the pipe fitting joint.

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