All-round Introduction of Technical Advantage of Plasma Cutting Machine

With excellent cutting speed, excellent cutting quality and the ability to cut other kinds of metals, plasma has become the ideal choice for many metal cutting applications. Comfort will give you a full introduction of the technical advantages of CNC plasma cutting machine.

1. Better cutting quality

Slag, heat affected zone, top corner and cutting angle are the main factors affecting cutting quality. Especially in the two aspects of scum and heat-affected zone, plasma cutting is far superior to flame cutting. The edge of plasma cutting is free of residual scum, and the heat-affected zone is much smaller.

2. Higher productivity

The perforation speed of CNC plasma cutting machine can reach 8.5 times of flame cutting speed at the fastest, and a great increase in production efficiency can bring huge benefits, which has not yet been calculated in terms of time saved in preheating and secondary processing.

3. Lower cost per part

In the cost analysis, it is important to understand the difference between operating costs and operating costs per component or meter. So, how to determine the actual cost of cutting apart? The running cost per meter is the value of all the costs required for hourly cutting divided by the total length (m) that can be cut in an hour. The costs involved in cutting include vulnerable parts, electricity, gas, manpower and sustainability costs. The cost of each part is the value of the total cutting length required to produce a part multiplied by the operating cost per meter. The cutting speed of the plasma system is faster and the number of parts produced in a certain time is more, so the cutting cost of each part is much lower. For hand-held cutting, calculating the cost of each job or task can better assess the cost savings. The operating cost per hour multiplied by the total time required to complete the operation is equal to the cost of the operation. For flame-cutting, it is necessary to calculate the preheating time and the long secondary processing time in the required time.

4. Higher profitability

The lower cost per part of the plasma system directly increases profits. Cutting every part saves money and thus increases profit margins. The more parts are cut per hour, the more total profits will be increased.

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