Analysis of Rational Electricity Use and Technical Condition of Spiral Duct Making Machine

Many people may hear of spiral duct making machine and know how its products look like. However, lots of people fail to recognize its two advantages and that many factors have converged to affect the efficiency of its technical condition. So, what are these common factors? What to bear in mind in terms of rational electricity use? Here is a detailed introduction.

Ⅰ. Two advantages of spiral duct making machine

1. Fast production speed and high production capability have greatly enhanced the efficiency of spiral duct making machine, bringing significant profits to corporations. In addition, with small footprint, spiral duct making machine is both easy and convenient to operate.

2. Inside the light steel keel is safety protection, which is both multiple and comprehensive. The main body of the spiral duct making machine is made up of quality material, which can resist high pressure without being deformed. In addition, the frame structure has high bearing capacity and long service life.

Ⅱ. What factors will change the technical condition of spiral duct making machine?

1. Forces of surrounding media including operator, repairman, and the environment.

2. Various loads, vibration, temperature and other internal factors related to the operation of both spiral duct making machine and other related machine.

3. Latent energies accumulating in the parts of spiral duct making machine during manufacturing and assembly. Such energies exist in mechanical, heat, and chemical forms. When such energies are large enough, the parts will be the first victim, as evidenced by abrasion, deformation, crack, fatigue, and corrosion. The damaged parts ensue changes of its structural parameter.  

The spiral duct making machine will not much economic and efficient when the structural parameter of its main parts reaches the ultimate level with the functional output parameter seriously overrunning the limited value after a long period of use. At that time, the spiral duct making machine is on the verge of limited technical condition, requiring immediate repairment and updating. Only after repairment and testing to ensure that all the parts meet the technical criteria can put the spiral duct making machine into use again. COMIFO is expert at manufacturing spiral duct making machine.

Ⅲ. What to bear in mind in terms of rational electricity use of spiral duct making machine?

Spiral air duct is a kind of thin-walled pipe with spiral seam made of metal strip material. It is round, without welding, air leakage and water leakage. It is mostly used for air supply and bulk material transportation instead of the traditional white iron pipe (i.e., manual seam iron pipe). It is a kind of air duct with full mechanism, and the straight pipe does not need to be knocked by hand.

1. Both wetted perimeter and frictional drag is small, reducing much energy loss;

2. It's convenient to do daily clear and maintenance;

3. Four joining methods including reducer coupling, casing coupling, flange coupling, and belt coupling make the installation easier;

4. One-time machined molding without secondary processing;  

5. Higher thermal isolation capacity than rectangle duct;

6. Fine airtightness;

7. High suitability and standardization;

8. Convenient factory test;

9. Low windage loss, and lower windage noise than rectangle duct;

10. Procedure to resist balanced external (negative) pressure;

11. Beautiful and high-grade installation layout;

12. A few join points for simple installation, small footprint and low installation cost.

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