Analysis of Some Functions of Air Duct Production Line

Air duct is a kind of pipeline used for air transportation and distribution. It has many forms, but the most important ones can be divided into two types: composite air duct and inorganic air duct.

There are different requirements for the air duct production line corresponding to different air ducts. What can we learn from the air duct production line manufacturer?

For the production of air ducts, the following conditions should be met. During production, we must ensure the necessary functions of pressing, punching, cutting and bite.

1. The compression of the air duct production line is mainly to prevent the surface of the board from being bent due to its improper storage before use, which brings inconvenience to production and has an impact on the quality of the produced products, so this link is very important.

2. The air duct production line is also very important for punching and chamfering functions, mainly because in the process of air duct installation, in order to facilitate the installation between each air duct, if there is no drilling in advance, then we have to The drilling operation is performed during installation, but this is very inconvenient for the operation, and the difficulty is relatively high, so it plays a very important role in the automatic drilling operation and installation of the equipment.

3. The cutting function of the air duct production line is of course for the convenience of the manufacturing process. It is impossible for each branch of the air duct to be continuous, and the requirements for materials are also limited, so the cutting function is very necessary. , which also avoids the trouble caused by manual operation.

4. For the bite function of the air duct production line, this function realizes the edge pressing operation of the sheet and makes the joint angle.

Therefore, it is very necessary for some functions of the air duct production line, and each link is of great help to the work during and after production.

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