Application of Spinning Technology in the Duct Production Line and Processing of Pipeline Equipment

Ⅰ. The application of spinning technology in the duct production line

In fact, spinning technology is mainly divided into two types, namely ordinary spinning technology and strong spinning technology. The main function of ordinary spinning technology is to change the structure of the duct blank. When this technology is used in the duct production line, the wall thickness change of the duct is small. Ordinary spinning technology affects the quality of the whole duct to a certain extent. Therefore, attention must be paid to this technology in the duct production, so as to ensure the quality of the duct.

And, for the workpiece wall thickness and length have been changed, the strong spinning technology's effect is much more obvious than ordinary one. In actual operation, attention should be paid to the strength of spinning.

Ⅱ. Problems occur in the pipelines processed by the duct production line

The duct production line ventilation duct is an important part of ventilation and air conditioning system, most of which are made by pipeline processing equipment (such as pipeline production line). However, due to a variety of reasons, it may lead to pipeline processing equipment processing problems.

1. Reason: The material is unqualified and cannot meet the need of making the duct.

2. Measures: Before using the duct processing equipment to make the duct, we should first check the factory qualification certificate, material certificate and appearance thickness of the material to ensure the availability of the material.

3. Impact: The duct leakage during operation, air conditioning load increase, and the life and performance of wind are affected.

4. Performance: There are sheet surface uneven and uneven thickness. There are marked indentations, cracks, blisters, scabs and rusts. The duct plane sinks, both sides protrude outwards, and the deformation is obvious.

When unfolded, control the strict angle of the paper strictly. The length, width and diagonal of each paper should be controlled to make the deviation within the allowable range. The cut paper should coincide with the two boards on opposite sides of the duct to check dimensional accuracy.

Compared with the traditional duct production line, the emergence of automatic duct production line has brought great convenience to enterprises. In the past, the production process of duct requires the participation and operation of people, but the entire duct forming process of the automatic duct production line is completed by a machine independently, which brings us economic benefits.

Through the establishment and improvement of internal control system such as organization construction, system construction and process design, the duct has formed a set of relatively strict risk control system. With such a high standard of duct, there will be no problems in the problem, which greatly reduces the hidden dangers. Let us enjoy the pleasure brought to us by the duct!

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