Basic Configuration of Duct Production Line and Technical Difficulties in Production

Ⅰ. Basic configuration of fully automatic duct production line

Fully automatic duct production line+plasma cutting machine+multi-function mouthing machine+common plate flange machine+pneumatic hemming machine, equipped with the above equipment can realize large-scale factory operations, produce common plate flange air ducts, and can also make corners The iron flange air duct greatly improves the production efficiency of the air duct and reduces the labor cost.

The fully automatic duct production line mainly forms common plate flanges/angle iron flanges/ "C" flanges, with a daily processing capacity of nearly 2,000 square meters. Just enter the dimensions, and the production line will automatically complete uncoiling, leveling, bead pressing, a series of processes of punching angle, shearing, joint bite and flange forming.

Basic configuration of duct production line:

1. Electric discharge rack.

2. A set of leveling and pressing rib device.

3. Four sets of dies with hydraulic punching, square mouth and corner cutting.

4. A set of hydraulic shearing and bending device.

5. A set of patented product lifting reel machine.

6. One set of double TDF common plate flange forming machine.

7. A set of double angle steel small edge forming machine.

8. A set of bending machine.

9. A set of control system and console.

Ⅱ. Technical difficulties of duct production line in production

What are the technical difficulties in the production of the duct production line? Let's take a brief look at its process characteristics and technical difficulties, and hope to give you some suggestions and help.

1. Process characteristics: using blanking tooling, punching die and assembly tooling, the entire flange production process is highly mechanized, and the punching die can punch side square and round angle steel flanges; the same specifications of flanges have strong interchangeability, It is convenient for on-site installation, reduces the labor intensity of employees, improves production efficiency, saves energy and protects the environment, ensures the quality of finished products, and is suitable for factory production.

2. Technical difficulties: the punched holes are flat round holes, the hole distance error between the two holes is controlled within ±0.5mm, the lateral error is controlled within ±0.5mm, and the longitudinal hole distance error is controlled within ±1mm.

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