Characteristics and Safe Use of Duct Sealing Machine

Ⅰ. Features of duct seaming machine

The duct seaming machine is widely used in the connection of metal air ducts, whether it is a straight square pipe, a reducer pipe, or a round pipe, the duct seaming machine has the following characteristics:

1. Economical hemming and seaming on the production line.

2. Maintain stable and high-quality straight and curved pipe joints.

3. The duct seaming machine has a strong carrying capacity.

Ⅱ. How to use the duct seaming machine safely?

Duct seaming machine is suitable for quick seaming of ventilation ducts, with smooth appearance and strong versatility, improving the quality of air duct seaming, reducing labor intensity, and saving labor, time and expenses.

The duct seaming machine adopts heavy-duty chassis, arc-welded steel frame, and high-quality cylinders to ensure that the structure is strong and durable, the seam is fast and accurate, and it has a long service life. It should be reminded that you should pay attention to safety issues when using the duct seaming machine.

1. Before installing the duct seaming machine, pay attention to check the grounding protection and have leakage protection.

2. Before operating the duct seaming machine, read the instruction manual and the equipment use part, and it is strictly forbidden to wear fiber fabric gloves to operate.

3. The chain of the duct seaming machine cannot be adjusted too tight, and the chain is allowed to wind down 30-25mm.

4. When pressing the bead, the side of the abrasive tool with the groove is upward, and the groove is adjusted in a straight line, and the beading wheel is used; when the seam is closed, the abrasive tool is turned 180° to investigate, and the seam flat wheel is used.

5. Do not leave the switch when starting the machine. When the bead pressing wheel moves forward, it will stop immediately when the bead pressing is completed. Both ends of the duct seaming machine are equipped with a safety protection limit switch, and the protection limit switch cannot be touched during operation.

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