CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Steel Structure Industry Application Three Advantages

At present, the technical level of CNC plasma cutting machine products has indeed been greatly improved. In recent years, our scientific and technological research has been fruitful, but the pace of industrialization of medium and high-end CNC plasma cutting machine tools is still difficult.

The key is that we are not enough in the depth and breadth of software development, and the performance and quality are not good enough. Now it is necessary for the industry to carry out in-depth technology, research and industrialization technology, and only in this way can product competitiveness be improved.

Steel structure engineering is a structure mainly made of steel and is one of the main types of building structures. Steel structure is one of the more common structural forms in modern construction engineering. In practical applications, CNC plasma cutting machines used in steel structure engineering have a variety of excellent characteristics and are well received by the market.

1. Durability of CNC plasma cutting machine

The light steel structure residential structure is all composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel member system, and the steel frame is made of super anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, which effectively avoids the influence of corrosion of the steel plate during construction and use, and increases the service life of light steel members. The structural life can be up to 100 years.

2. The health of CNC plasma cutting machine

Operation and construction can reduce the pollution caused by waste to the environment. The steel structure materials of the house can be 100% recycled, and most of the other supporting materials can also be recycled, which is in line with the current environmental awareness. All materials are green building materials, which meet the requirements of the ecological environment and are beneficial to health.

3. The shock resistance of CNC plasma cutting machine

The roofs of low-rise villas are mostly sloping roofs, so the roof structure basically adopts a triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel components. "Slab-rib structural system", this structural system has a stronger ability to resist earthquakes and horizontal loads, and is suitable for areas with a seismic intensity of more than 8 degrees.

The CNC plasma cutting machine uses a digital program to drive the movement of the machine tool. When the machine tool moves, the randomly equipped cutting tool cuts the object. This mechatronics cutting machine is called CNC plasma cutting machine.

As the main steel processing equipment, CNC plasma cutting machine has been widely used in the steel structure engineering industry. Its high-speed and efficient processing method has greatly improved the cutting accuracy after replacing manual operation. The improvement of equipment cutting efficiency is the fundamental driving force for the development of the entire industry, from the original manual cutting to semi-automatic cutting, and then to CNC automatic cutting equipment.

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