CNC Plasma Cutting Machine System Maintenance and Power Cabinet Use Instructions

Ⅰ. System maintenance of CNC plasma cutting machine

The stability of the CNC plasma cutting machine control system is extremely important for the use of each equipment. From some fault sites, we can find that if the CNC system is not carefully maintained and maintained, its work efficiency and processing accuracy will often be affected. and its service life.

In other words, in order to make the CNC system better use, here are some suggestions for daily maintenance:

1. Formulate perfect rules and regulations for daily maintenance of CNC system;

2. Regularly maintain the input/output device of the CNC system;

3. Regularly check and replace the DC motor brushes;

4. Try to open the CNC cabinet as little as possible, especially the door of the strong electric cabinet;

5. Regularly clean the cooling and ventilation system of the numerical control device;

6. Regular maintenance is also required when the CNC system is not used for a long time;

7. Always pay attention to the grid voltage used by the numerical control device;

8. Regularly replace the battery used in the memory;

9. Maintenance of spare printed circuit boards. For the purchased spare printed circuit board, it should be regularly installed on the numerical control device and run for a period of time to prevent damage;

10. Make preparations for the maintenance of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

Ⅱ. Instructions for using the power cabinet of the CNC plasma cutting machine

The high-frequency interference of CNC plasma cutting machine is one of the problems that are prone to occur during the use of equipment. In the application of enterprise-level CNC plasma cutting machine, in addition to the comparison and test of equipment quality, there are also certain installation and use of related supporting facilities. Below we will introduce the configuration and installation requirements of the power cabinet of the CNC plasma cutting machine in detail.

1. The strong and weak currents in the cabinet are strictly separated and routed

The rate of change of voltage and current in strong wires is large, resulting in violent changes in electric field, resulting in electromagnetic wave interference, which has a serious impact on nearby signal wires and weak current control wires. Keep the signal wire away from strong wires, and choose shielded wires and twisted pair wires reasonably to avoid interference signals in signal transmission.

2. Shielded cables are used for signal lines between cabinets

The selection of shielded cables can suppress the interference from stray electric floating magnetic fields entering the transmission line through electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction. And the grounding of the shielding layer uses the correct single-ended grounding method.

3. The cabinet is well connected to the ground

The CNC plasma cutting machine occupies a large area, and it is best to lay the grounding device separately (at least 3 meters below the ground); and the grounding device should be reliably connected with the guide rails, cabinets and even cable sliding brackets of the machine tool. In this way, the induced high-frequency interference voltage on the casing has a low-impedance leakage channel, so that there is no possibility of accumulating electric charges and increasing the casing voltage, which is safer for personnel and is beneficial to suppress interference impact.

4. Reliable grounding system

Sufficient attention should be paid to the grounding process of the CNC plasma cutting machine system, because its CNC part and servo unit are both moving parts on the track, and the interference strength has a great relationship with the grounding method of the system.

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