Correct Use and Function of Spiral Air Duct Machine After Use

Ⅰ. How to use the spiral duct machine correctly?

The strip width and thickness of the rolling shear spiral duct machine should be in accordance with the correct roll box model. Make sure the main switch is off when the rolling scissor duct machine is not in use. Ensure that all joints of the rolling shear type spiral duct machine are free of dirt and foreign matter, especially the dovetail groove connecting the mold and the base; and rollers, guide rails, etc.

It needs to be removed completely. Be sure to use a wire brush to clean the drive wheel (rolling flower wheel) of the rolling scissor spiral duct machine. Correct use of the saw blade of the rolling shear type spiral duct machine, that is, "friction" is used to cut steel, and "metal saw blade" is used to cut metals with a hardness higher than that of steel, and the sharpness of the saw blade must be maintained.

Frequent cleaning of the Roller Scissor Duct, the duct and duct support duct must be aligned. There are also many problems with the homogenization of the rolling shear spiral duct machine. In this context, the importance of service quality and service soft power to manufacturers of rolling scissor spiral duct machines is self-evident. At this stage, the development of the rolling shear spiral duct machine market has become more reasonable.

Ⅱ. What is the function of the spiral duct machine after use?

The automatic spiral air duct machine is a thin-walled tube made of metal strips, spiral, round, no welding, no air leakage and no water leakage. The fully automatic spiral duct machine is used to transport air and bulk materials instead of traditional white iron pipes. In other words, the manual joining of the iron pipe is a kind of air pipe. For the entire mechanism, the straight pipe does not require hand punching. The main uses are as follows:

1. Air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air and exhaust gas, the automatic spiral duct machine has a very wide range, such as factory workshop and production site air. Due to the generation of harmful gases, it is necessary to exhaust the outdoor air and bring the outdoor air into the room. At this time, a large-flow, low-pressure gas pipe must be used. Fully automatic spiral duct machine is suitable. Generally, galvanized iron pipes and stainless steel pipes are used in corrosive and particularly wet locations.

2. Send cold air. The most common is the central air-conditioning duct, which needs to be insulated. The automatic spiral duct machine can cover the insulation material and has a beautiful appearance.

3. Oil, hotels, restaurants and hotel kitchens have a lot of smoke and dust that needs to be discharged. The purpose of the round pipe is the oil chimney. Here, the spiral tube is called a soot tube.

4. Dust removal. Some factories will generate a lot of dust in the workshop, so special dust removal equipment is required. The fully automatic spiral duct machine can be used for large air volume ducts.

5. Bulk material transportation. In the production process of some factories, it is necessary to convey loose particles, especially using a fully automatic spiral duct machine, such as foamed plastic particles with low specific gravity and low cost.

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