Cutting Control of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Ⅰ. Characteristics of CNC plasma cutting machine

The CNC plasma cutting machine has the characteristics of multi-function, high efficiency, high speed, high precision, low labor intensity, and high automation. The processing quality of the cutting parts of the CNC plasma cutting machine plays a key role in the whole product, so the cutting of the CNC plasma cutting machine is particularly important.

Ⅱ. The cutting control of CNC plasma cutting machine

1. Under normal circumstances, the arc starting point of the cut piece should be at the edge of the sheet metal or in the middle of the cut seam of the cut piece. When the distance is too large, there will be no arc or broken arc, which will make the workpiece cut through, resulting in product waste or scrap; when the distance is too small, the nozzle and the workpiece will easily be short-circuited and the nozzle will be burnt out, destroying the normal cutting process.

2. Choosing the correct cutting direction should ensure that the last cutting edge is mostly separated from the motherboard. If it is detached from most of the motherboard prematurely, the peripheral corner frames are not enough to resist the thermal deformation stress that occurs during the cutting process, causing the cutting piece to shift during the cutting process, and the size is out of tolerance.

3. Appropriate cutting speed of CNC plasma cutting machine is an important condition for a straight cut surface. The cutting speed is determined by the material thickness, cutting current, gas type and flow rate, nozzle structure, and appropriate drag amount. Under the same power, increasing the cutting speed will cause the incision to become oblique. The cutting torch should be perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece during cutting, but in order to facilitate the removal of slag, it can be slightly angled. Therefore, in order to improve productivity, the cutting speed should be as large as possible while ensuring penetration.

4. The cutting sequence of the CNC plasma cutting machine should generally follow the principle of "inner first, outer later; small first, then big": that is, first cut the inner contour of the processed part or the parts nested in the inner contour, then cut the outer contour; For parts with small areas, cut large-size parts afterward. Otherwise, deformation will occur when the inner contour or other small parts are cut on the metal sheet, resulting in scrapping of the processed parts.

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