Cutting Method and Accessories Processing of Spiral Duct Machine

1. The use of spiral duct machine

When using small and medium-sized electric tools such as flanging machines, electric drills, and welding machines in the spiral duct machine, professional licensed electricians must perform wiring operations, and non-electrical work wiring is strictly prohibited to prevent electric shock accidents.

In the process of handling the air duct, attention must be paid to the road conditions, the obstacles on the road must be cleared in advance, the air duct should be handled lightly, and it is strictly forbidden to throw and injure others at will. hurt.

All kinds of steel and plate transportation safety means must choose qualified and reliable means of transportation. During the transportation process, the spiral duct machine must be firmly tied to the means of transportation. The spiral duct machine manufacturer must pay attention to safety during the unloading process and coordinate well. staff, to prevent bruising yourself and others.

2. The principle of spiral duct machine

Spiral duct machine attachment is a multi-functional machine that integrates drilling. Its working principle is driven by three high-power motors. With the help of the lathe principle, the stability of the beads is improved. Using the slider to fine-tune the tool can make the fine-tuning of the perforator more accurate. The appearance of the belt is designed for easy maintenance. Four-jaw chuck, linkage mechanism, and automatic centering design are suitable for the processing of various processable leftover materials, square materials, and round materials.

Air duct fittings used to be hand-made, and each process was time-consuming and labor-intensive. With the advent of mechanization, now they are all made by punching machines. This product is not much different from handmade. It is easy to use and can be mass produced, but not a finished duct fitting, but a finished product with sequential grinding and polishing. Each process must be performed carefully.

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