Cutting Method of Plasma Cutting Machine and the Knowledge About It

Ⅰ. Cutting method of plasma cutting machine

A plasma cutting machine is a machine that processes metal materials with the help of plasma cutting technology. It uses the heat of the high-temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal part or part of the incision of the workpiece, and uses the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form a processing method of the incision.

In addition to the general form of plasma cutting methods, there are also water compression plasma cutting and so on. Commonly used methods are: general plasma cutting and air plasma cutting.

1. General cutting

General plasma cutting does not need shielding gas, and the working gas and cutting gas are sprayed from the same nozzle. When starting the arc, a small gas flow of ion gas is ejected as the ionization medium. When cutting, the atmospheric gas is ejected at the same time to remove the molten metal.

2. Air cutting

Air plasma cutting generally uses compressed air as the ionized gas. This method has low cutting cost and convenient gas source. The compressed air is heated, decomposed and ionized in the arc, and the oxygen produced cuts the metal to produce a chemical exothermic reaction that speeds up the cutting speed. The fully ionized air plasma has a high enthalpy value, so the energy of the arc is large and the cutting speed is fast.

Ⅱ. What knowledge do operators of plasma cutting machines need to have?

If the plasma cutting machine is to be effective, not only the equipment is required, but also the operator's requirements are relatively high. So what knowledge do operators need to have?

1. The operator must have numerical control process knowledge, programming ability and operating skill level. Only in this way can the processing of the test piece be completed in a short time with a reasonable process plan, tool path and short time.

2. The operator must have the ability to master the rapid positioning of the workpiece. The key to technical preparation is to comprehensively use the basic knowledge of CNC applications, so as to achieve skilled operation of CNC machine tools. Alignment and clamping methods, reasonable selection of tools, optimization of cutting parameters, and flexible use of CNC system functions, can achieve fast and efficient machining only if the operator has the above capabilities.

In addition to the above two points, plasma cutting machines' operators also need skilled operation and quick editing. Only when the operator selects the entry point to complete the test piece, uses the tool reasonably, optimizes the cutting amount, ensures the key points, and separates the rough and finish machining, can the operator master the processing rhythm and strive to complete the processing project within the specified time.

In fact, plasma cutting machines' operators not only need to have the above knowledge, but also the ability to be flexible when encountering emergencies. For example, in the event of an emergency during operation, the operator should immediately press the red emergency stop switch to prevent accidents. If the pipeline is found to be backfired, immediately cut off the power. Before starting the machine, the operator should check whether there is air leakage in the pipeline of the machine, and never start the machine if there is air leakage.

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