Cutting Technology and Error Analysis of NC Plasma Cutting Machine

Ⅰ. Introduction of cutting technology of CNC plasma cutting machine

There has been no good solution to the problem of CNC plasma cutting machine cutting small circles. For holes with a ratio of plate thickness to hole diameter less than 1:1, the roundness and the taper of the top and bottom are not always ideal.

Developed the latest internal surface and contour cutting technology, especially for high-quality cutting of carbon steel small holes. Contour cutting technology is the latest patented plasma cutting technology, this new technology greatly improves the accuracy, squareness and surface quality of contour cutting, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming finishing steps after cutting.

Users can benefit from this new technology:

1. High-quality and high-precision inner and outer contour cutting;

2. High repeatability and high dimensional accuracy;

3. High productivity and low production cost;

4. No other "supporting" devices and "bundled" software are required;

5. The conical shape of the inner diameter and outer contour is reduced and the quality of the cutting surface is greatly improved;

6. No need for new consumables.

7. Equipment function: CNC plasma cutting machine is used to cut arbitrary geometric figures on the plane of carbon steel plate and stainless steel plate.

8. Specifications and main technical parameters:

① Specifications

Horizontal span 1500-5000mm, effective line spacing 700-4200mm;

Longitudinal rail length 8000mm (according to user requirements), effective line spacing 6000mm- (user specified);

② Cutting form: plasma cutting;

③ Cutting thickness: determined by the size of the selected plasma power supply.

Ⅱ. The error analysis of CNC plasma cutting machine

Many plasma system users are purchasing a cutting system for the first time, all for cutting stainless steel, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals. Some people still believe that plasma systems can only be used to cut such materials.

In fact, plasma systems are effective for cutting any conductive metal and are the most common method of cutting mild steel in the world.

Of course, the ability of a plasma system to cut stainless steel and aluminum is one of its main advantages over oxyfuel, which is inefficient for cutting these materials. Plus, plasma systems are more effective at cutting painted, dirty, and even rusted steel, making them an essential tool for repairing heavy equipment, cars, and farm equipment.

Plasma systems are so versatile that they can not only cut, but also perforate and bevel, cutting conductive metals of all types, shapes and sizes.

In fact, CNC plasma cutter systems are very efficient gouging tools, with some users using plasma first for gouging and second for cutting. Plasma systems offer advantages unmatched by other methods, such as less smoke and noise from gouging.

Ordinary plasma air bed is suitable for beveling welds to remove weld roots, and to clean worn or cracked parts during repair or replacement. Gouging with a plasma system is the same as cutting, and operators get more out of their plasma system and pay for it quickly.

Plasma systems require power and gas sources to operate, and some people think that plasma systems can only be used in places with fixed power and gas sources.

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