Development and Sealing Advantages of Spiral Wind Pipe Manufacturers

Ⅰ. The catch-up development stage of the spiral duct machine is over

Since the reform and opening up, the spiral duct machine manufacturing industry has achieved extraordinary development through large-scale introduction of foreign technology and equipment, and has completed the road that advanced countries have taken for many years in a relatively short period of time.

An important reason for spiral duct machine manufacturers is that they can make use of existing technology and management to give full play to their latecomer advantages and promote the rapid improvement of production factors.

With the end of the catch-up development stage, the available foreign ready-made technology space has been compressed. The general level of technology and equipment can no longer meet the needs of the new stage, and the urgently needed technologies often involve the competitive advantages of advanced countries. The difficulty of introducing technical equipment is increasing.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of firm sealing during production?

What are the advantages of firm sealing during air duct production? When the air duct is produced, its connection must be firm and sealed. The following will analyze the performance of this product and increase the usability and competitiveness of our products.

The status of air ducts in industrial production is self-evident. Many people have a certain understanding of the use of air ducts and the material of air ducts, but they ignore the more critical but easily overlooked details. Connectivity is one of the overlooked points, and here are the details.

1. Because the air duct production line manufacturer and construction are not carried out in the same site, the air duct production lines produced in the production workshop are semi-finished products. After the semi-finished products are numbered reasonably in sequence, they are then moved to the construction site for unified installation.

2. Generally speaking, the connection between the air ducts is carried out by means of joint angle bites, so that the air ducts have good sealing performance in the future use.

3. For the connection between the branch pipe and the main pipe, it is best to use a joint bite or rivet with the main pipe on the opposite side. It is best to seal the joint with glass glue to prevent air leakage.

4. For the pipe flange and the flange, it is best to use a special TFD flange angle, and then use a hammer to knock it into the flange and then connect with bolts.

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