Functions and Basic Application Advantages of the Air Duct Production Line

A good working environment must have ventilation. Therefore, the ventilation duct is essential in many factories.

How do we choose ventilation duct equipment? Duct machine manufacturers will introduce it to you.

1. Functions of the duct production line

When choosing ventilation duct equipment, we should first pay attention to whether the material of the duct meets the national standard. Only materials that meet the national standards are qualified. Therefore, there are testing standards.

Then, we should decide to choose the material for ventilation duct equipment, and different materials have different benefits.

In general, the duct production line has materials such as steel plate, white iron, stainless steel, glass, plastic and composite materials. We have to firstly select the material we need to install. Generally, the white iron material is favored by many factories because of its lightweight and good effect.

After we have selected the material, we need to choose the diameter of the duct needed for the duct production line. Due to different requirements, different places require different materials of caliber sizes.

Finally, we should pay attention to the quality of material since only good quality can be used for a long time. Therefore, we should note the quality when purchasing.

The main points of the selection of ventilation duct equipment are above. As long as we figure it out before purchasing, you will definitely buy suitable duct equipment at one time.

2. Analysis of basic application advantages of the duct production line

We focus on summarising the application and operation advantages of the duct production line. We hope that we can better help you understand it through the introduction of Comifo Duct Manufacture Machine Co.,ltd, which is a professional duct production line manufacturer. Details are as follows:

(1) It has a linear structure, which can reduce material transfer time to achieve high production efficiency.

(2) The material is driven by an independent variable frequency motor.

(3) The 10-roller leveling and pressing mechanism can ensure the flatness of various thicknesses of the duct production line.

(4) It has an OEM mode for saving materials, and each roll only has one scrap less than 20mm.

(5) It has servo feeding, which has accurate positioning. The advantages are obvious in the processing of a square duct.

(6) The input adopts the dual-mode of touch and keyboard to ensure the stability of the system.

(7) The duct production line only needs one person to operate, and two people to take away the duct.

(8) It has processing and counting functions, which is convenient for statistics and management. It has daily counting and cumulative counting.

(9) It supports the printing function for production management.

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