How Does Plasma Cutting Machine Achieve Common Cutting Edge? What Should We Pay Attention to in Typo

Plasma cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment that is widely used in production. It can cut materials in equal proportions to achieve fast and efficient production. When trimming, you need to follow certain steps to ensure more precise cutting.

In addition, pay attention to arranging the materials according to the correct typesetting method. Below we will introduce the method of CNC plasma cutting machine to achieve ordinary trimming and the precautions for typesetting!

Ⅰ. Plasma cutting machine realizes ordinary trimming

Plasma cutters offer three automatic generic trimming path generation methods:

1. Semi-automatically generate two parts of the "S-shaped" co-edge cutting track.

2. Automatically generate "lap perforation" co-edge cutting tracks for many parts.

3. Automatically generate a "trapezoid" co-edge cutting track for the array rectangular part group.

4. Automatically generate "single-stroke" common edge cutting paths for connected parts, in addition, CNC plasma cutting machines also support the human-machine interactive generation of any common edge cutting paths.

Ⅱ. The attention of the layout design of the plasma cutting machine

1. Spacing between parts: Usually, when cutting hot plates and thick plates, the distance between parts should be large, because the heat generation of hot plates and thick plates is large, and when cutting acute angles and small graphics, it is easy to burn the edges and affect the cutting quality, so the spacing of parts should be larger.

2. Melting angle: When the plasma cutting machine slows down to cut the corner of the thin plate, the corner is often melted due to overheating, and a small radius is generated at the corner, so the high-speed CNC cutting speed should be maintained.

3. Common edge cutting: In the CNC cutting process, common edge cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time and save raw materials, so the common edges of two or more parts can be combined together, and a large number of common edges of conventional graphics can be used as much as possible. as far as possible.

4. Set the lead: In the process of cutting thick plates, in order to make the cutting seam well and prevent the burn at the beginning and the end, each lead transition line at the beginning and end of the cutting is often called the front line and the tail respectively. Wire.

5. Remaining material processing: After cutting the parts, the skeleton of the NC flame cutting machine workbench needs to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations. For plasma cutters without an automatic discharge device, the skeleton residue can be cut into small pieces for quick removal.

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