How to Achieve the Balance Between Price and Practicality when Purchasing the Duct Production Line?

Ⅰ. What should be considered in purchasing the duct production line?

When buying a duct production line, some customers tend to be too much to consider its price and ignore its practicality. In fact, when buying it, its price and utility are equally important, so we need to strike a balance between price and availability choosing one suitable for our production needs with quite reasonable price.

Ⅱ. Practicality of the duct production line

A complete duct production line should be able to achieve the following practicalities:

1. It has roll material selection and blanking function. Besides, it can choose from 2 to 6 different thickness or material coil.

2. It has the fuction of pressing and leveling, which is to adjust the process of coil material processing before, preventing waste.

3. It has the fuction of drilling, chamfering and grooving, which can complete the production of duct installation hole, avoiding the inconvenience caused by late drilling.

4. It has the function of cutting off, which separates the sheet from the coil for further processing.

5. It has transmission function, convenient winding material automatic processing of the next process.

6. It has the function of biting, which realizes the blanking operation of the sheet and makes the joint angle.

7. It has the function of the total plate flange forming, which is a key step in making double-sided common plate flanges.

8. It has the function of bending molding. The final process is completed, and the common plate flange rectangular duct has been formed.

Therefore, after considering the practicability of the duct production line, consider its price. As the saying goes: cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap. When considering the price of its equipment, we can not covet small cheap, but also to combine the manufacturer's production quality and other aspects of consideration. Also can't let yourself suffer, not to buy the most expensive, only buy the best, the important standard when we choose the duct production line.

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