How to Choose and Buy Duct Manufacture Auto Line Equipment

It is understandable that quality of duct manufacture auto line should be the first priority. However, we also need to examine the completeness and feasibility of duct machine manufacturer. How to judge the quality of duct production line? Here are four points.

1. To investigate whether the duct machine manufacturer has passed the certification of ISO9001. Only the company has passed the ISO certification of the product, the quality can be fully guaranteed.

2. To investigate the operation of the quality system of the wind pipeline manufacturer. The whole air pipeline machine is expensive, and the selection of it must send a special person to make a decision after field investigation.

3. To inspect the sub-contractors of the wind pipeline machine manufacturer. The wind pipeline complete set of products should also pass the ISO certification.

4. Investigating the process equipment level of air pipeline production enterprises. Process equipment is an important material means to ensure product quality.

It is necessary to check the equipment of air duct production line before production. How to check the duct manufacture auto line in advance? In the current working process, we need to pay more attention to this aspect, so as to promote the normal operation of our air duct production line manufacturers.

Air duct equipment air duct joint head cleaning system, pipeline cleaning system, components and static pressure joints must be tight leakage. And inner surface, clean air duct system must be smooth, the transverse spell joints and pipe internally reinforced rib or reinforcement method is prohibiting. In addition to, flanges of production line pipe, flange bolts and rivets should not be greater than 150 mm hole spacing. Besides, welds of firm welding, is not fixed screw holes, screw holes have compatibility, suface of stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and composite pipe, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate duct have no obvious Nick, and composite pipe surface is without damage. Air duct bite confidential, the width must be consistent, no holes and other defects, half bite and rupture. Straight pipe longitudinal seam staggered, uniform tube appearance, angle and flat, round, both ends parallel plane, concave and convex surface not more than 10 mm and pipe and flange connection is the company, flanging basic flat, width is not less than 6 mm, flange.

What details should be paid attention to in the construction of duct? In our duct machine manufacturers in the duct construction, there are a lot of specific matters needing attention, let's understand it in details. Ventilation ducts are an important infrastructure in many places, especially in the workplace where ventilation and ventilation are required. Therefore, we not only have a high requirement for the ventilation pipe, but also need to pay attention to the installation and use of the ventilation pipe.

Before the construction, we should have a chief engineer of the construction, and a plane construction drawing, especially in those complex construction scenarios. If conditions allow the case can also make a three-dimensional drawing, so that we can simulate the construction and it’s convenient for us to check out the problem. Second, in the construction process, we should follow the principle of "small pipe to big pipe, pressure to no pressure". This can facilitate our construction, save unnecessary waste and mistakes.

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