How to Choose Plasma Cutting Machine? Do You Know the Maintenance Method?

The plasma cutting machine can cut the material uniformly, and it has high precision and good working efficiency. When choosing this equipment, pay attention to mastering skills, mainly from its price, cutting thickness and cutting material.

In addition, pay attention to proper maintenance of it when using it, which will help prolong its service life. Friends who want to know how to choose and maintain a plasma cutting machine, come with us to find the answer in the article!

Ⅰ. The choice of plasma cutting machine

1. Look at the cutting thickness: no matter what kind of plasma cutting machine, it has its own suitable cutting size range. Generally, low-power cutting machines are suitable for cutting thin sheets. Currently on the market, it is recommended to use a laser cutting machine for steel plates below 2mm.

2. Look at the cutting material: This technician who is generally engaged in metal processing knows that the plasma cutting machine is used to cut alloy materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel.

At present, it is recommended that the thickness of the plasma cutting board be 6-50mm. When the thickness exceeds 50mm, the plasma cutting speed will drop significantly, which is consistent with the flame cutting speed, and the use cost is high.

Ⅱ. How to maintain and maintain the plasma cutting machine?

1. Properly assemble the torch: Install the torch correctly and carefully to ensure that all parts are well matched and that the gas and cooling gas are circulating. Mount all parts on a clean flannel to avoid dust sticking to the parts. Add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the O-ring, and the brightness of the O-ring shall prevail. Do not add a cutting machine during maintenance.

2. The wearing parts should be replaced in time before they are completely damaged: they should not be replaced after they are completely damaged, because the severely worn electrodes, nozzles and eddy current rings will generate an uncontrollable plasma arc, which is easy to cause serious damage to the cutting torch.

3. Clean the connecting threads of the cutting torch: When replacing wearing parts or performing routine maintenance and inspection, ensure that the internal and external threads of the plasma cutting torch are clean, and clean or repair the connecting threads if necessary.

4. Clean the contact surface: Do not allow dirt on the contact surface of the equipment when using it, because this will cause the torch to not work properly, and hydrogen peroxide cleaner should be used for cleaning.

5. Check the gas and cooling gas: Check the flow and pressure of the gas and cooling airflow every day, if the flow is insufficient or leaking, immediately stop the machine for troubleshooting.

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