How to Deal with the Failure of the Flange Forming Machine System?

As commonly used equipment, users are more concerned about how to deal with the system failure of the flange forming machine. The duct flange forming machine manufacturer will introduce failure reasons in the following.

When the system of flange forming machine fails, you should use standard flange forming machine electrical testing instruments and tools to measure the voltage, power supply and pulse signal lights of the faulty part according to the system circuit diagram and machine tool circuit diagram to judge the fault.

1. Reasons for the failure of the flange forming machine system

If the output voltage of the power supply exceeds the limit and causes power monitoring, you can measure the network voltage with a voltmeter, or you can monitor the flange forming machine in real-time with a voltage test to eliminate other reasons.

If the position control of the flange forming machine happens, you can use the oscilloscope to check the signal state of the loop, or you can use the flange forming machine oscilloscope to observe whether the signal output is out of phase and whether there is interference.

For example, if the system alarms during troubleshooting, it means there is a hardware failure in the flange machine position. If there is interference in the flange forming machine, you can use the capacitor in the circuit to filter it out to let the flange forming machine work normally.

If the flange forming machine cannot return to the reference point, you can use the flange forming machine oscilloscope to check whether there is a zero mark pulse. If not, you should consider where the measurement system is damaged.

2. How to eliminate flange forming machine failures?

You can use the flange forming machine controller to check the interface signal of the machine tool control system and compare it with the correct signal in the interface manual to find out corresponding fault points.

You can use the flange forming machine and call out the interrupt stack and block stack when the system is stopped, and find out the fault according to the indicated causes. It is a common, effective and fast method in the maintenance of the program controller.

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