How to Deal with the Wear Focus and Occlusal Deviation of Spiral Duct Machine?

Ⅰ. The period during which the wear focus comes into being

The wear of spiral wind pipe machine is mainly produced in the following periods: one is the primary wear period, the other is the normal wear period, and the final is the intense wear period.

For the primary wear period, when the friction pair of spiral wind pipe operates, two parts rubs against each other. Especially, when they are rubbed face to face, the friction between the early parts of only when processing the wave on the surface of the spiral wind pipe. Therefore, the actual friction between the two spiral wind machine parts surface is very small, not causing serious wear and tear.

In addition to minor repair work, the repair content of the spiral duct machine must be determined according to the comprehensive evaluation based on the detection of the spiral duct machine, so as to achieve on-demand repair. The comprehensive evaluation of the use environment, load degree, total operation time and maintenance level of the spiral duct should be properly considered.

Ⅱ. What to do if the spiral duct machine has a deviation in occlusion?

Bolts, nuts, washers and rivets used for spiral ducts should be used to match the pipe performance.

The reinforcement of non-metallic ducts shall meet the following requirements in addition to the provisions of Article 4.2.10 of this specification:

1. When the diameter or side length of the hard PVC duct is greater than 500mm, the joint between the duct and the flange should be equipped with a strengthening plate, and the spacing shall not be greater than 450mm.

2. The reinforcement of organic and inorganic FRP duct should be made of the same material or material with the same anticorrosive properties, and be integrated with the duct.

The production of rectangular duct elbow should generally adopt the inner and outer concentric arc elbow whose radius of curvature is a plane side length. When other types of bends are used and the plane side length is greater than 500mm, a bend guide plate must be installed.

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