How to Learn CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Programming? What Are the Requirements?

At present, under the high-speed growth of demand for CNC machining in China's manufacturing industry, there is a serious shortage of CNC plasma cutting machine programming technicians, and CNC programming technology has become a hot demand in the job market.

Ⅰ. Learning the programming technology of CNC plasma cutting machine requires the following basic conditions:

1. Qualified to receive good training, including choosing good training institutions and training materials.

2. Have basic learning qualifications, that is, students have certain learning ability and preparatory knowledge.

3. Accumulate experience in practice.

Ⅱ. To learn CNC programming technology of plasma cutting machine, students are required to master certain preparatory knowledge and skills, including:

1. Basic 3D modeling skills.

2. Basic English (high school or above).

3. Knowledge of machining.

3. Basic geometric knowledge (high school or above) and basic mechanical drawing.

Ⅲ. Factors that should be considered in the selection of training materials for CNC plasma cutting machines include:

1. The content of the textbook should be suitable for the requirements of actual programming applications, and the main content is the currently widely used interactive graphics programming technology based on CAD/CAM software. While teaching practical techniques such as software operation and programming methods, it should also contain certain basic knowledge, so that readers can know more about it.

2. The structure of the textbook. The learning of NC programming technology is a process of continuous improvement in stages, so the content of the textbook should be reasonably distributed according to different learning stages. At the same time, the content is systematically summarized and classified from the perspective of application, which is convenient for readers to understand and remember as a whole.

Ⅳ. The learning content and learning process of CNC plasma cutting machine programming can be basically divided into three stages:

The first stage: the study of basic knowledge, including the basic knowledge of CNC machining principles, CNC programs, CNC machining technology and so on.

The second stage: learning of CNC programming technology, on the basis of preliminary understanding of manual programming, focusing on learning interactive graphics programming technology based on CAD/CAM software.

Stage 3: NC programming and machining exercises, including a certain number of actual product NC programming exercises and actual machining exercises.

Ⅴ. CNC plasma cutting machine programming learning methods and skills

Like the learning of other knowledge and skills, mastering the correct learning method plays a very important role in improving the learning efficiency and quality of CNC programming technology. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Concentrate on fighting the war of annihilation, focus on completing a learning goal in a short period of time, and apply it in time to avoid marathon learning.

2. Reasonable classification of software functions can not only improve memory efficiency, but also help to grasp the application of software functions as a whole.

3. From the very beginning, focus on cultivating standardized operating habits and cultivating a rigorous and meticulous work style, which is often more important than simply learning techniques.

4. Record the problems, mistakes and learning points encountered at ordinary times. This accumulation process is the process of continuous improvement of the level.

It should be specially pointed out that practical experience is an important part of CNC plasma cutting machine programming technology and can only be obtained through actual processing, which cannot be replaced by any CNC machining training materials.

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