How to maintain the decoiler machine

During the use of decoiler machine, our maintenance is indispensable. Well maintained equipment can also make us work more efficiently, but what should we do for its maintenance? This requires us to learn something about it.

After the completion of the decoiling, ensure that the construction personnel must use up the remaining materials (such as the mixed concrete, mortar, etc.) in the stock yard after each completion (such as the completion after work), ensure that there is no surplus materials in the construction site, and pay attention to the maintenance of the decoiler machine, and immediately cut off the power. Therefore, add butter once a month where there is a grease fitting. When checking and repairing or oil feeding, make sure that the switch power supply of the decoiler machine is disconnected. The key is to moisten the rolling bearing. Pay attention to the cleaning of the roll surface. No welding is allowed, such as small steel plate or other articles falling into the roll room, so as to prevent damaging the roll.

During the whole process of the application of decoiler machine, the actual operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with decoiling production and processing procedures and methods, and special attention shall be paid not to be too close to the equipment. In case of any abnormal condition such as arc noise and impact, the machine shall be shut down for inspection first. The distance between two adjacent axes is called pitch diameter. Pitch diameter is the basic parameter of the transmission chain. Its size immediately reflects the bearing capacity and specification of the transmission chain. For example, if the load is large, in order to reduce the specification, single double row chain or three row chain with small pitch can be selected. The more rows are, the greater the bearing density of each row is, so it is usually not allowed to exceed three or four rows.

The sleeve roller chain of the decoiler machine is composed of the external drive chain, the internal drive chain, the shaft pin and the roller bearing. The internal drive chain and the external drive chain, the sleeve specification and the middle of the shaft pin are respectively transited and tightened. The sleeve specification and the shaft pin are transitional fit, which can rotate relative to each other at will to integrate the extension and flexion of the drive chain when it enters and exits the sprocket chain. Because the key to the damage of the transmission chain is the shaft pin and the sleeve, a small gap needs to be left between the internal and external transmission chains to allow the moisturizing oil to penetrate into it.

The maintenance of decoiler machine can not only improve our work efficiency, but also increase the service life and reduce the cost of the machine, so we need to do this work correctly.

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