How to Measure the Spiral Air Duct Machine? This is How It Should Debug the Content!

The spiral air duct machine is a machine for producing spiral air ducts. It first appeared in the military industry in western countries, such as the exhaust system of warships and ships, and was later used in civilian facilities such as trains and subways.

In the mid-1990s, China introduced this technology for shipbuilding. Next, let's take a look at how the spiral ductwork machine is measured? How should the spiral ductwork machine be debugged? Lets come look!

Ⅰ. The measurement of the spiral ductwork machine

1. Accurately measure the position and speed of the basic or support frame for installing air circulation and cooling of the central air-conditioning natural ventilation plant, as well as its specifications and models.

2. Accurately measure the air circulation and the metal materials and polymer material embedded parts installed in the prefabricated components in the central air-conditioning room, such as the specifications of the embedded flanges, the interval and direction of the wire holes, etc.

3. The spiral air duct machine accurately measures the relative position of the air circulation and the holes of the embedded parts of the refrigeration unit, such as the specifications and models of the pipeline over the flat-roofed room, the concrete floor, the partition wall and the crane beam of the industrial plant.

4. Accurately measure the specifications and models related to the installation of ventilation ducts and prefabricated components, such as column heads, windows and doors, beams, home improvement ceilings, and comprehensive comprehensive service platforms, such as cross-sections, intervals, and engineering building standards.

5. Accurately measure the position of the sockets, engineering construction standards, and standard interfaces of related industrial equipment in ventilation ducts.

6. Accurately measure the specifications and models related to the electrical equipment, pipelines, etc. between the air circulation central air-conditioning pipelines in the indoor ceiling.

Ⅱ. The spiral ductwork machine should be debugged like this

1. The prefabrication of air ducts should have an independent workplace. The working site should be flat and tidy, and the processing platform should be leveled, and there should be no bumps.

2. The site of other composite material air ducts such as double-sided aluminum foil insulation board air ducts must be dry, the space must be large, and there must be space for stacking finished products. The processing site shall reserve transportation channels for on-site materials, finished products and semi-finished products.

3. The spiral air duct machine should be cleaned regularly. It can be cleaned by hand-held vacuum sewage suction pipe, and the dirt can be removed by directly touching the inner wall of the pipe with a brush. There should be a larger access hole.

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