How to Reduce Material Loss and Avoid Problems when Processing Duct Production Lines

The duct production line will produce a lot of material loss when processing ducts on a large scale. If it is not handled properly and the loss is too large, it will cause a lot of waste of resources.

Ⅰ. How to reduce material loss when processing duct production lines?

1. The edge material produced in the process of sheet cutting should be applied to the top of the duct as much as possible. Because the upper layer is concealed, it can be used as long as it does not affect the duct itself.

2. The special-shaped duct is processed in a centralized and unified manner, and the special-shaped tube should be processed first as much as possible so that all the large-sized plates left in the processing of the special-shaped tube can be applied to the straight-shaped tube behind.

3. Reduce unnecessarily complicated layouts in duct design, which can reduce the overall material waste.

4. Before processing the duct, it is necessary to carefully understand the structure and specifications of the duct on the drawing, so as to cause waste when cutting the plate, which is also a key step to reduce the loss.

5. The distance between ducts should be maximized when connecting, especially the small branch pipes can be processed according to the length of the plate, which can save the waste of duct accessories and speed up the efficiency of duct processing.

Ⅱ. Possible problems with the duct production line processing

Ventilation ducts are an important part of ventilation and air conditioning systems, and most of them are made from duct production lines. However, various reasons may cause problems with the duct processed by the duct production line.

1. The processing materials are not up to standard

(1) Performance: The surface of the plate is uneven, the thickness is uneven, and there are obvious indentations, cracks, sand holes, scarring and corrosion. The plane of the air duct sinks and the side bulges outwards, with obvious deformation.

(2) Influence: Air leakage from the duct during operation, the air conditioning load increases, and the life and performance are affected at the same time.

(3) Reason: The material is unqualified and cannot meet the needs of making ducts.

(4) Measures: Before using the duct production line processing equipment to make ducts, first check the material factory certificate, material quality certificate and appearance thickness to ensure that the material is available.

2. The warping angle of the duct and the angle of the elbow are not allowed

(1) Performance: The two opposite planes and two ends of the rectangular duct are not parallel. The corners are not straight, the diagonals are not equal and the bite is not strict.

(2) Influence: The duct connection will be unevenly stressed, and the installed duct will not be straight. If the flange gasket is not tight, the system will leak air, which will cause the loss of air conditioning load and shorten the service life.

(3) Reason: Inaccurate lofting of board blanking. The ducts are parallel to each other, and the length and width of the sheets on the opposite side are not equal.

(4) Measures: When unfolding and blanking, the sheet should be strictly squared, and the length, width and inspection diagonal of each sheet should be controlled so that their deviations are within the allowable range. After blanking, the two sheets on the opposite side of the duct should be overlapped to check the dimensional accuracy.

Therefore, if we want to produce ducts that are practical, durable and high-quality, we must make sufficient advance and operational preparations before and after the operation of the duct production line to ensure foolproof.

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