How to Solve the Common Failure of Duct Production Line?

The duct production line is precise mechanical equipment. Qualified duct production lines are of high quality and stability, but with the increase in use time, improper equipment maintenance, and worker errors, some problems will occur in the duct production line. Below we give examples of common faults and solutions for duct production lines.

1. The touch screen of the duct production line displays the hydraulic overload alarm and flashes

Solution: Check whether the system pressure of the hydraulic station of the duct production line is too high and whether the oil pump is damaged and the thermal relay is tripped. Remove the electrical box cover and reset the thermal relay manually.

2. The touch screen of the duct production line displays the emergency stop and servo alarms and flashes

Solution: Release the emergency stop button next to the touch screen of the duct production line.

3. The uncoiler of the duct production line keeps feeding or not feeding

Solution: Check whether the duct production line bracket and inspection photoelectric switch are damaged or the connecting line is disconnected. Check and replace the damaged time relay in the uncoiler box.

4. The punching of the duct production line does not lift the knife

Solution: It may be that the solenoid valve is blocked by debris, and the machine can be cleaned up.

5. The punching die and shearing knife of the duct production line cannot move

Solution: Check whether the electrical circuit or equipment of the machine is damaged, and replace and repair it in time.

6. After the duct production line starts production, the size of the sheet is unstable or the sheet just keeps going

Solution: Check the encoder and signal line to see if there is any deviation or damage, and repair it in time.

7. The products produced by the duct production line have cracks

Solution: Check whether the raw materials are qualified and whether the operator is negligent.

The above are the common faults and solutions of the duct production line, so we recommend that you pay attention to proper operation when using the air duct production line, and maintain the equipment regularly. If there is a serious problem, we suggest that you contact the duct production line manufacturer as soon as possible and ask for help.

Generally, duct production line manufacturers will have perfect after-sales service. COMIFO provides one-year warranty and equipment life-long maintenance services. When there is a problem with the equipment, you can seek our help at the first time, we can efficiently solve the equipment failure, quickly restore production, and ensure the smooth progress of the project.

With its advanced technology, COMIFO has become a company that designs, manufactures and sells duct machinery and duct manufacturing machinery to customers around the world. We get reputation and valuable improvement suggestions from them to satisfy the verification technology of the world. If you have any need, welcome to consult us.

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