How to Use Automatic Duct Line to Improve Production Efficiency?

Customers often contact our company to ask us how to better use the fully automatic duct production line to improve duct processing efficiency. A traditional duct processing team requires about 10 people, and most of them use shearing machine and lock froming achines and other equipment to process, but only one hundred square meters or even dozens of square meters of air ducts can be completed in one day.

For areas where labor costs are still cheap, and projects with low demand may be acceptable, but for projects with a large amount of air duct processing, these are far from enough. The auto duct line requires only one person to process 1,000-2,000 square meters of air ducts in batches in one day.

Ⅰ. According to the processing technology of the duct production line

The automatic duct production line can be defined as the whole process of duct forming is completed by a machine independently. The intermediate process does not require anyone's participation and operation.

Ⅱ. A complete duct production line should realize the following functions:

1. Coil material selection and blanking function; 2-6 kinds of coil materials of different thickness or material can be selected.

2. Compression and leveling function: this function is the adjustment process before the coil processing to prevent the production of waste.

3. The functions of punching, chamfering and grooving; this function can complete the production of air duct installation holes, avoiding the inconvenience caused by later punching.

4. Cutting and biting function: This function bites and cuts the sheet material for the next step of processing.

5. Common plate flange forming; this function is a key step in making double-sided common plate flanges.

6. Bending and forming; the last process is completed, and the rectangular duct with plate flange has been formed.

And more importantly, having a fully automatic duct production line can demonstrate its processing capabilities, thereby promoting cooperation on larger engineering projects.

COMIFO has developed and produced fully automatic air duct production lines as early as 2000. It is an inevitable trend to release labor and scale production.

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