Installation Points of Flange Forming Machine

Flange Forming Machine has gradually been applied to a wide range of conditions. And the following principles must be followed in the installation of the Flange Forming Machine:

1. When the total large side dimension of the Flange Forming Machine in 630 ~ 1600mm, it should be directly reinforced in the production line, and the arrangement should be regular, the spacing should be uniform, and the board surface should not have obvious deformation.

2. The four flange angle connections of the Flange Forming Machine shall be sealed with glass glue to prevent leakage, and the sealant should be placed in the positive pressure side of the air duct.

3. For the reinforcement of angle steel or reinforcing ribs, the height of it should be less than or equal to the height of the duct flange. And the arrangement should be neat, the interval should be uniform and symmetrical, and not more than 220mm, keeping firm with the riveting of air duct.

4. When the large side dimension of the Flange Forming Machine is bigger than 1600mm, it can be strengthened the internal and external reinforcement of the air duct by using angle steel, flat steel, steel pipe, Z-shaped slot, reinforcement bars, wire screw and so on.

5. The Flange Forming Machine has the reinforcement by the wire screw support inside. The special washer is placed on the inner wall of the air duct for external insulation, while non-insulated air duct or the inner heat insulation duct is placed on the outer wall of the duct wall. The wire screw should better be set in the center of the duct. When cross section of the duct is larger, a wire screw should be added closely to the flange on each side to support reinforcement.

6. Flange Forming Machine should be sealed at the flange angle, inside and outside the branch duct and the main duct connection. The low-pressure duct shall be sealed at 40 ~ 50mm inside the duct at the folding place of the joint of the air duct. While the high-pressure air duct should be sealed at the longitudinal connection of the air duct and the compound part of the air duct as well. Flange sealing strip should be installed close the outside of the flange or in the middle of the flange. When the flange seals overlap at the end faces of the flanges, the contract is about 30 to 40 mm.

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