Installation Process of Air Duct Machine

Before installing the air duct machine, it is suggested that you clarify the whole process and the matters needing attention. The following is a description of the specific steps of the installation of the air duct machine for your reference.

1. Punching

On the day of installation, remember to call the puncher, and install and punch at the same time. At the same time, as far as possible, the wall perforation is in a straight line with the outlet of the air duct machine to ensure the smooth flow of the water after the outlet is connected with the PVC pipe, and the outlet pipe should keep a certain gradient, generally around 1%, that is, the distance of 1 meter will be reduced by 1 cm.

2. Installation of internal and external machines

When installing the internal machine, it should be horizontal, but not completely horizontal, but slightly inclined to the outlet of the drainpipe, to discharge the condensate. At the same time, the outside machine should not be placed directly in the sun, which will affect the refrigeration effect, and it will cost more electricity in summer. The outer machine is as close as possible to the inner machine, which saves copper tubes.

3. Copper Pipe and Wire Treatment

Copper tubes need to be covered with insulating cotton, and then the wires need to wear yellow wax tubes before they are wrapped with white tape together with the wrapped copper tubes.

4. Treatment of outlet pipe

The outlet pipe of air duct machine must be wrapped tightly with heat-insulating cotton. If the outlet pipe is not wrapped with heat-insulating cotton, water droplets will be formed. The gypsum board of ceiling is easy to be damp and mildewed.

5. Data control line and power line are separated and fixed.

6. The return air outlet and outlet of the air duct machine should be kept at a certain distance.

7. After the air duct machine is installed, it must be wrapped up to prevent dust from entering during the decoration process.

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