Introduction of the Basic Knowledge of the Air Duct Production Line 5

Ⅰ. The composition of the air duct production line 5

The five lines of the air duct production line have a linear structure, with a feeding rack, leveling and beading, hydraulic punching point and punching, hydraulic shears, displacement combined angle biting machine, robot positioning and feeding platform, double linkage TDF machine. The entire production process consists of a fully automatic computer control system. Full hydraulic system is adopted for punching tip, punching square and shearing machine.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of the duct production line 5

The five-line air duct production line has the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, easy relocation, and high efficiency. It is a cost-effective equipment that can produce rectangular air ducts of various specifications.

In addition, purchase a hydraulic bending machine, which is very suitable for the production of TDF common plate flanges, TDC plug-in flanges, and angle iron flanges. The maximum feeding speed is 16m/min, the length error is ±0.5mm, the diagonal error is ±0.8mm; the computer control system adopts closed-loop feedback to ensure stable accuracy.

1. The structure is compact, and the floor space is small, suitable for small and medium workshops, and can also be placed on the construction site.

2. The four-wheel drive pneumatic manipulator is used to push the material, and the joint biting machine is used, which is not only fast but also more accurate in positioning.

3. The mouth biting machine changes the traditional method, saves the time of repeated movement, and increases the production efficiency.

4. It saves labor and has high efficiency. It is twice as fast as the five-line linear air duct production line, and one L piece is produced in 22 seconds.

5. It comes with production management functions, with daily cumulative counting and monthly cumulative counting functions.

Ⅲ. The basic configuration of the duct production line 5

Two electric feeding racks, one set of leveling, beveling, punching tip, square mouth mold, plate shearing machine, one displacement joint angle reel machine; one electric feeding platform; one double linkage common plate flange making machine; one double-linkage single-bone flange machine; one set of electric control system and production software;

Ⅳ. The main technical parameters of the air duct production line 5

1. Processing board thickness: 0.5-1.2mm;

2. Processing width: 1300-1600mm;

3. Maximum feeding speed: 16m/min;

4. Coil weight bearing: 6000*2kg.

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