Key points of spiral duct, dust collector and fan in engineering installation

Ⅰ. Installation and operation points of spiral duct machine for refrigeration

1. The end of the relief valve exhaust pipe should be made into Ω or T shape, and the discharge should be toward the safety zone. A cut-off valve can be arranged between the relief valve and the equipment. It needs to be in a fully open position and sealed with lead during operation.

2. Steel bushing shall be provided for the spiral duct machine passing through the wall or floor, and no weld shall be placed in the casing. The steel casing shall be flush with the bottom of the wall or floor, but shall be 20mm above the ground. The space between the spiral duct and the casing shall be filled with heat insulation material or other non-combustible materials, not be used as the support of the pipe.

Ⅱ. Production and installation points of the duct and dust collector of spiral duct machine

1. The installation and removal position of the dust collector is correct, firm and stable. The direction of import and export should meet the design requirements. The deviation of perpendicularity is not more than 2mm per meter, and the total deviation is not more than 10mm.

2. Spiral duct, dust collector inlet and outlet should be straight. Besides, cylinder exhaust pipe and cone should be under low pressure coaxial. Its eccentricity is not greater than 2mm.

3. The allowable deviation of outer diameter or rectangular outer size of spiral duct and dust collector barrel is not more than 5%. Besides, the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth and even.

Ⅱ. Main points of installation and operation of fan spiral duct machine

1. The exposed part of the fan spiral duct transmission device should have a protective cover. Protective nets or other safety measures should be installed when the air inlet or air inlet pipe of the ventilator is directly connected to the atmosphere.

2. If the base of the fan spiral duct is placed directly on the foundation without damping device, it should be flush with the sizing block with a pair of inclines.

3. The inlet pipe and outlet pipe device of the fan spiral duct should be supported separately and firmly connected with the foundation or other buildings. When the fan spiral duct is connected with the fan, the flange surface shall not be hard pulled and extruded. Besides, its shell shall not bear the weight of other components to prevent deformation.

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