Lock Former Machine Safety Operation Specification

The lock forming machine in the duct line features the ability to bite the eastern sacrum, right-angled bones, right-angled cubits, hooks, and sacrum without the need to change rollers, cutting strips and zig-zag bones for greater flexibility and compliance To provide users with more convenience.
The lock former machine is an indispensable mechanized device for various sheet metal processing and duct manufacturing. So, how to ensure the safe operation of the occlusion machine?
Protective equipment. Used for isolating rotating parts, live parts and harmful substances generated during processing of the operator and machine equipment. Such as with ink, gear cover, electric ink, iron filings, protective railings and so on.
Insurance device. Used to improve the reliability of machine tool equipment. When a part fails or an overload occurs, the safety device will act and stop the equipment quickly or enter no-load operation. Such as travel limiter, friction clutch and so on.
Duct production line interlocking device. It is used to control the operating sequence of the machine to avoid accidents due to inconsistent operation. If the lathe screws and polished rods cannot be operated at the same time, electrical or mechanical interlocks must be installed for control.
Signal device. It is used to indicate the operation condition of the machine equipment, or when the machine equipment fails, it sends out signals such as color and sound to remind the operator to take emergency measures. Such as lights, buzzer, bells and so on.
Every industry must emphasize security. Only by ensuring safety can production be improved.
In addition, special attention should be paid to: the effect of heating of the lock former machine of the air duct production line on carbide cracks, because it must not be rapidly cooled in water after welding, and it should be slowly cooled by adding lime, asbestos powder, sand, etc. Cooling or rapid cooling during welding or welding and poor dewatering of the flux can lead to blade bursts and cracks. Therefore, the solder is required to have good dehydration. It is best to slowly cool and heat the furnace at about 300°C for more than 6 hours.
Lock Former Machine

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