Lock Former Machine Use Points

Lock former machine, also known as Toyo bite machine, undercut machine, air duct machine, air pipe bone machine. It is a multi-function machine type and is mainly used for bite-cut processing of plate connection and round air tube closed connection. It can satisfy all kinds of different bone shapes manufactured by air ducts. The thickness of the processed sheet is 0.4-1.2mm. All the gears, shafts and rollers of the machine are made of high-quality steel. After strict heat treatment process, the machine is durable, stable in quality, easy to install, beautiful in appearance, reasonable in mechanical principle, flexible in movement, convenient in operation, etc. Function as one, to meet the different requirements of users. The mouth-sealing machine is suitable for the production of air ducts for ventilation, fire-fighting, and dust-free purification of air conditioners. According to the requirements, it can be made into a variety of round and rectangular sheet air ducts. It is a variety of sheet metal processing, air duct production, etc. Indispensable mechanized equipment.

Lock former machine use points:

1. The thickness of bite plate should be within the demarcated scope of products of various specifications. If it is less than the minimum thickness, defects such as cracking and wrinkling are liable to occur when biting; if it is greater than the maximum thickness, it is inversely proportional to the square of the thickness of the plate. Due to a significant increase in the bending force, abnormal deformation of the forming roller, overloading of the transmission system, and stumbling will be caused.

2. The minimum length of the sheet bite mouth should not be less than 300mm, otherwise the degree of resistance at the time of bite is greater than the friction force of the forward sheet, so that the sheet is formed between the forming rollers. Slips and accelerates the wear of the roll forming area.

3. Before use, the commissioning of the feed guide shall be strictly followed in accordance with the commissioning request of the equipment, and the feed guide rail shall be adjusted to a definite position after the adjustment. If the actual position of the feed guide rail is less than the defined position size, the mouthpiece will not be formed; if it is larger than the defined position size, because the feed material is too wide, the size of the mouthpiece will be too poor and the two sheets will not be able to bite or Material is wasted; if the feed rail is tilted tightly, it is prone to uneven deviation before and after the gap width.

Lock Former Machine

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