Main Application and Cleaning Maintenance of New Duct Production Line

Ⅰ. The main application of duct production line

The new duct production line is mainly used for duct forming. After years of technological innovation, the appearance and performance of the duct production line are constantly improving.

However, there are still many traditional duct production lines on the market. In fact, everyone knows the benefits of the new duct production line for duct forming: first, it can improve work efficiency, and second, it can improve the precision and quality of sheet metal processing. But there are still many companies that just can't make up their minds to buy.

The key reason is the price of the duct production line. The price of the general new duct production line can be twice that of the old duct production line.

Ⅱ. What are the defects of the traditional duct production line at work?

The traditional air duct production line has complicated operations, low work efficiency and low processing precision. The main reason is that the artificial measurement of the size increases the error of the product and reduces the quality of the product. In terms of operation, it is far from the simple and easy operation of CNC.

In order to save some money, many enterprises have added modern computer control technology to the traditional duct production line to realize the automation of sheet metal measurement and processing. However, the transformed products still cannot reach the numerical control efficiency and accuracy in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

Therefore, from the perspective of production efficiency, the duct production line should be updated, instead of only considering the cost of machinery and ignoring more important mechanical properties. COMIFO independently developed a new full-featured duct production line, one with all functions required for ducts in one, straight-line processing, small footprint and high production efficiency. Only one operator is needed, the daily processing capacity can reach 2000 square meters, the size can be directly input, and the production line can be completed automatically, which is suitable for large-scale duct processing.

Ⅲ. How to clean and maintain the duct production line to prolong its life?

The cleaning methods are as follows:

1. Power cleaning method

Use pneumatic or electric brushes to remove debris and dust on the production line.

2. Gas cleaning method

Use the vacuum container to clean up the sundries on the duct production line, and there must be a lot of iron filings on the equipment that has been used for a long time. It is more convenient and quick to use this method to clean up, which is an ideal method.

3. Direct cleaning

Of course, manual cleaning can also be performed, which will be more comprehensive, and it can be used to clean the places that cannot be cleaned by the machine. It is a simpler and more effective method, and it will not cause damage to the parts on the equipment.

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