Maintenance of Elbow Making Machine

1. The elbow making machine is widely used

elbow making machine stamping can process parts with large size and complex shape. The elbow making machine has high production efficiency, convenient operation, and convenient mechanization and automation.

The elbow making machine needs a supporting hydraulic station to use a large-capacity fuel tank, and the propulsion speed is adjusted by adjusting the flow of the control valve. The hydraulic system adopts integrated oil circuit and electromagnetic overflow technology, which greatly reduces the thermal energy consumption of the hydraulic system and optimizes the entire working environment.

2. Pay attention to maintenance when using the elbow making machine

When cleaning the oil tank of the intermediate frequency elbow, clean the oil inlet filter of each pump; within a few months after the equipment starts to use, clean the oil tank and filter the hydraulic tank once; run.

If the solenoid valve is operating normally, check the sequence valve, relief valve or one-way unloading valve for foreign matter stuck (this phenomenon usually occurs when the equipment is started to use).

If it is stuck, clean it with gasoline or diesel oil and install it again; each joint of the hydraulic pump station is equipped with an oil-resistant rubber sealing ring. If the sealing ring is damaged or leaks oil, it should be replaced in time; check the fasteners of each component to make them in a fastened state. Through the above maintenance, our work efficiency will be greatly improved.

The drive spindle of the elbow making machine is directly inserted into the upper part of the machine head, which is accurate in installation and easy to maintain. The elbow spindle and the drive sprocket are integrally cast, integrally machined, integrally rolling teeth, keyless connection, and the force is average. Driven by double cylinders, the elbow process In the middle, the hydraulic system automatically throttles the buffer close to the bending setting, which greatly improves the bending accuracy, fast reset, and throttle buffer, which greatly improves the reset accuracy and work efficiency.

If the elbow making machine is in a state of emergency, we can press the emergency button so that we immediately cut off the power to prevent damage and confusion. The emergency button is located at the operator panel supplier, pressing the button blocks all motors and power.

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