Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Plasma Cutting Machine

1. The material utilization rate of plasma cutting machine and the method of cutting consumables

The utilization rate of the blanking material of the plasma cutting machines and the service life of the cutting consumables are one of the main factors affecting the economic benefits of the enterprise. When buying a steel plate, pay attention to the quality of the steel plate you buy. Try not to buy it when the steel plate is rusted or deformed and bent.

The CNC plasma cutting machines can complete the cutting and walking of the raw material, but it is not intelligent enough to automatically optimize the cutting trajectory of the raw material. This needs to be completed with the relevant nesting software. Of course, not every enterprise needs to buy the cutting material. For the nesting software, especially when the processing material is single and the cutting shape is fixed, a simple picture arrangement can be made in the CAD drawing to improve the material utilization rate and reduce the processing cost.

Co-edge cutting is also an effective way to save cutting consumables. There are still quite a lot of parts with long straight sides, such as the upper and lower side plates of the straight-sided bucket, the lip plate of the bucket, the triangle plate of the bulldozer, etc. Using computer-aided technology, the common edge cutting method is used reasonably.

2. Plasma cutting machine cannot be switched on and off frequently

Any mechanical equipment should not be switched on and off frequently, especially on CNC cutting machines. Repeated switching on and off not only reduces the work efficiency, but also causes losses to the equipment. Enterprises should reasonably plan the use time of equipment, try to complete cutting tasks in one-time and large quantities, and minimize downtime caused by maintenance.

Change the traditional backward production method in which the cutting workers manually program the nesting on the CNC plasma cutting machine controller (20% of the time the plasma cutting machine is not cutting, but waiting for the cutting workers to program the nesting on the controller, and again slow and bad).

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