Operating Rules for Automatic Duct Production Line

Automatic duct production line is the main technical equipment of duct production enterprises. It is very necessary to determine the technical specifications of the equipment and master the maintenance procedures of the management of hydraulic system and electrical control system to ensure the normal service of the equipment.

In recent years, automatic duct production line has been widely used in duct production because of its obvious advantages. But because of its powerful adopting multistep integration processing technology, it sets mechanical, electrical control and hydraulic transmission technology in a complex structure, which can process machinable and joint flanges, plug type, C, S and angle steel flange duct, etc. Therefore, its technical procedures are complex. Below, we will introduce automatic production line for duct operation procedures to everyone.

1. Electric double disk feeding rack of the duct production line

The feeding rack is equipped with 1.5KW motor. Through the reduction device drive and circuit control, it achieves the function of automatic feeding control, back and point feeding. Besides, the surface of the sheet material has a good protection, avoiding the general feeding machine damage material edge phenomenon.

When the user refuels, as long as the feeding shaft is lifted down from the feeding rack as a whole, place in the inner core of the coil to be used, then manually lock the positioning hoop, the placement of the coil completed. The operation is simple and refueling is easy and free.

2. Duct production line feeding leveling reinforcement machine part

The reinforcement adopts the shape of five parallel lines, and the reinforcement ring is made of high quality steel. When it is heat treated, it can meet the reinforcement of the sheet material with a thickness of 1.2mm and form a shape with five radians and angles at a time, so that the rigidity of the sheet metal is greatly enhanced.

3. Angle shears of the duct production line

The shearing angle part is located at the end of the leveling reinforcement machine, which can be adjusted freely according to the width of the sheet material. It is very convenient to disassemble and replace the shearing angle mold. When different angles and shapes are needed, only the upper and lower molds can be replaced.

4. Hydraulic plate shears of the duct production line

The shear part is located in the middle of the angle cutter and the shift bite machine. On the one hand, it is used for cutting plate blanking; on the other hand, it can cut the right angle edge when refueling.

5. Multi-functional biting machine of the duct production line

After cutting the angle, the sheet will continue to move forward. When it reaches the preset length, the biting roller will open automatically cutting and forming Oriental bone and right angle bone, and then automatically return to the original position after reaching the position completing a cycle, realizing the cutting bite function.

6. Duct production line double machine linkage flange machine part

When forming the duct flange, the double machine joint plate flange machine can not only be used alone, but also cooperate with the use of large duct production line. Compared with the single machine, its processing efficiency is greatly improved and its forming is stable and beautiful, forming the powerful processing capacity, thus it is the preferred equipment in the case of large amount of duct processing, tight processing time and fewer processing personnel. Sheet not only can be formed at the same time, can also be unilateral molding, especially suitable for 0.5-1.5mm sheet thickness molding. And the width of the workpiece is adjustable, adjusting the range of 600-1500mm, most suitable for professional mass production of duct.

7. Hydraulic bending machine part of the duct production line

Sheet metal continues to move forward after forming flange. When going to the preset bending length, the upper beam downwards pressure, and bending machine folds plate action, completing the bending of sheet metal.

8. Maintenance and management of hydraulic system and electrical control

Replace the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system regularly, and check whether the hydraulic system runs normally. Besides, replace the damaged parts in time. Check the safety of electrical circuit regularly and replace the faulty part in time, ensuring the normal operation of electrical.

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