Operation and Fault Diagnosis Method of Duct Production Line

The normal operation and operation of the duct production line are inseparable from the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and ensure that the daily air duct production does not fail or stop, it is necessary to maintain the air duct production machine. The manufacturers of the duct production line state that the maintenance of the duct production line should be carried out from all aspects.

1. What do I need to do in the operation of the duct production line?

(1) For the air duct cleaning system, the material requirements of the flexible tube are relatively high, and it must have the characteristics of dustproof, good airtightness, and smooth inner wall. The connection between it and the duct equipment must be tight. The appearance requirements of the tuyere are also strict, the quality must be qualified, and the frame and blades must be flat and smooth.

(2) When making the air valve, there must be opening and closing marks, the joints of the multi-leaf valve blades must be consistent, and the wheelbase deviation must be within 1mm. For flexible pipes, the tightness should be appropriate, the length should be within the scope of the construction specification, and the design requirements should be met. Cracking and twisting are not allowed.

(3) For the production requirements of the hood of the duct production line, the specific performance is that the shape is complete and balanced, and the size deviation is within 2mm per meter. The rotating parts of the fire damper need to have strong anti-corrosion performance, and its closing must be tight and airtight.

2. What are the fault diagnosis methods for the duct production line?

The duct production line can be defined as the whole process of duct forming is completed by one machine independently.

(1) Diagnosis by the replacement parts

After the failure of the duct production line system, the maintenance personnel gradually narrow the scope of the fault from large to small, until the fault is located at the board level or part of the circuit, or even the component level.

At this time, use spare printed circuit boards, integrated circuit chips or components to replace the suspected parts, or exchange two printed circuit boards, integrated circuit chips or components with the same function in the system, so you can quickly find out where the fault is.

This is a simple and easy method. But when replacing parts, you should pay attention to whether the model, specifications, various marks, potentiometer adjustment positions, switch status, and line changes of the spare parts are the same as the suspected part.

In addition, consider that some potentiometers of the new replacement parts may need to be readjusted to ensure that the performance of the new and old parts is similar. Any slight difference may lead to failure or loss.

(2) Visual inspection method

The visual inspection method is a method in which the maintenance personnel make full use of their own eyes, nose, ears, hands, etc. to directly find out the failure of the duct production line. By visually inspecting the faulty circuit board of the duct production line, carefully checking whether there are fuse failure, component burnout, smoke, and cracking, it can be judged whether there is over-current, over-voltage, and short circuit in the board.

Touch and gently shake the components (such as resistors, capacitors, transistors) to see if there is any looseness, so as to check for some pin breaks, virtual soldering and other problems.

For the relevant part of the fault, use some simple tools, such as a multimeter, buzzer, etc., to check whether the connecting wires between the power supplies are disconnected. If not, you can connect to the corresponding power supply, and pay attention to whether there is smoke, dust, noise, burnt smell, and abnormal heat, so as to find some obvious faults and further narrow the scope of inspection.

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