Operation of Duct Production Line and Application of Spinning Technology

Ⅰ. Operation of the duct production line

The normal operation and operation of the duct production line are inseparable from the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and ensure that the daily air duct production does not fail and stop, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the air duct production machine. The duct production line manufacturer stated that the maintenance of the duct production line should be carried out from all aspects.

1. The material requirements for the flexible pipe of the air duct cleaning system are relatively high, and it must have the characteristics of dustproof, good airtightness and smooth inner wall. The connection between it and the air duct equipment must be relatively tight. The appearance requirements of the tuyere are also relatively strict, the quality must be qualified, and the frame and blades must be flat and smooth.

2. When making the air valve, there should be an opening and closing mark, the multi-leaf valve blade should be lapped in the same way, and the wheelbase deviation should be within 1mm. For flexible pipes, the tightness should be appropriate, the length should be within the scope of construction specifications, and meet the design requirements, cracking and distortion are not allowed.

3. The production requirements of the duct production line for the hood are embodied in that the shape rules are complete and balanced, and the size deviation is within 2mm per meter. The rotating parts of the fire damper need to have strong anti-corrosion properties, and their closing should be tight and airtight.

Ⅱ. Application of spinning technology in duct production line

In the entire air duct production process, the technology involved is quite complex. If you don't know this, it's hard to understand the principle. For example, spinning technology plays a very important role in the entire duct production line. So how does it work?

In fact, the spinning technology of duct production line is mainly divided into two types, namely ordinary spinning technology and strong spinning technology. The main function of ordinary spinning technology is to change the structure of the duct blank.

Using this technique in duct production, the wall thickness of the duct changes very little. Ordinary spinning technology affects the quality of the entire air duct to a certain extent. Therefore, this technology must be paid attention to in the production of air ducts to ensure the quality of the air duct.

The powerful spinning technology changes the wall thickness and length of the workpiece, and the effect is much more obvious than the ordinary spinning technology. In actual operation, it is necessary to pay attention to grasp the strength of spinning.

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