Operation Regulations and Function Analysis of the Five-lines Duct Production Line

The duct production line can be defined as the whole process of duct forming is completed by one machine independently. The following examples illustrate the common failures and solutions of the duct production line. The duct production line can independently complete a whole set of processes, which is very high. However, it is easy to produce debris in long-term use. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will significantly impact the regular operation of the duct production line. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly. Let's analyze it together.

Ⅰ. What are the common faults and solutions of the duct production line?

1. The touch screen displays the alarm and flashes of system emergency shutdown and servo 

Method: Release the emergency shutdown button beside the touch screen of the duct production line.

2. The touch screen displays the alarm and flashes of hydraulic overload

Method: Check whether the pressure of the hydraulic station system of the duct production line is too high, whether the oil pump is damaged, causing the thermal relay to trip, disassemble the cover of the electrical box, and manually reset the thermal relay.

3. The duct production line punches a small mouth without lifting the knife

Method: The solenoid valve may be blocked by debris, and the machine can be cleaned up.

4. The uncoiling machine does not stop or does not discharge the material

Method: Check whether the photoelectric switch of the material picking rack of the duct production line is damaged, or the connection line is disconnected, and the time relay in the uncoiling electromechanical box is damaged. Check and replace.

5. After the duct production line starts production, the size of the panel veneer is unstable, or the panel veneer only keeps moving

Method: Check the encoder and signal line to see deviation or damage, and repair it in time.

6. The punching die and shearing knife of the duct production line cannot be moved

Method: Check whether the electrical circuit or equipment of the machine is damaged, and replace and repair it in time.

7. The produced product has cracks

Method: Check whether the raw materials are qualified and whether the operators are negligent.

Ⅱ. How to clean up the debris on the duct production line regularly?

1. Power cleaning method of the duct production line

Mainly use pneumatic and electric brushes to decontaminate the duct production line and then use a vacuum collector for adsorption.

2. Gas flushing method for duct production line

The compressed air is mainly delivered through the hose. The pollutants are discharged out of the air pipe and then delivered to the vacuum collector.

3. Direct cleaning method of a duct production line

As the name suggests, it is to use a brush to clean the inner wall of the duct production line directly, but this method is not thorough, mainly because of the internal structure of the duct production line.With its advanced technology,

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