Operation Requirements and Uses of Spiral Duct Mechine

Ⅰ. The requirements for the operation requirements of spiral duct mechine

1. Review the large sample drawings and system drawings to find them in line with the requirements.

2.  Have a clean closed warehouse in the spiral duct machine to store finished or semi-finished products for the cleaning system  of the air duct.

3. Transport channels for on-site materials, finished products and semi-finished products should be reserved at the processing site of spiral duct, and the selection of the processing site shall not interfere with fire escape.

4. The duct prefabrication should have an independent work site. The site should be leveled and cleaned and its processing platform should be leveled too. The duct of double-sided aluminum foil insulation board and other composite materials should be dry, and the finished products area should be piled up with enough finished products.

5. Construction machinery and material storage yard should be placed on the operation site, and facilities and power supply should be protected. The road at the operation site should be clear. There must be instruments and facilities that meet fire control requirements.

6. When setting spiral duct processing equipment in the building, the bearing capacity of the building floor and beam should be considered, and corresponding measures should be taken if necessary.

Ⅱ. The use of spiral duct in the spiral duct machine

1. The air supply

It can provide fresh air, exhaust discharge harmful gases to the outdoor, and send outdoor fresh air to the indoor. There is a lot of flow in the ventilation system. Therefore, in order to save costs and operating costs, it is necessary to use low resistance air conveying pipeline. Spiral duct produced by spiral duct machine is more appropriate. Galvanized strip steel is used as a raw material, and stainless steel can also be used in corrosive and particularly wet places.

2. The cold air supply

The cold air supply is commonly used in the central air conditioning pipe  which needs to add insulation material. Spiral duct can be affixed with thermal insulation material of beautiful appearance.

3. Lampblack emission

In canteen, restaurant, and hotel kitchen, it can produce a lot of lampblack which needs to discharge. The use of circular duct is the oil chimney. Here, spiral duct should be called lampblack pipe.

4. Dust removal

Some factories have a lot of dust in their production workshops, and special dust removal devices are needed. For pipes with large wind flow, spiral ducts can be used.

5. Bulk material conveying

In the production process of some factories, loose particles need to be transported, especially those with small proportion such as foam plastic particles, which use spiral duct with low cost and good effect.

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