Operational Technical Points and Economic Benefit Analysis of Duct Production Line

Ⅰ. Operational technical points of duct production line

The duct production line is equipped with a feeding roller device, a leveling and pressing machine, a punching and shearing angle and a square punching machine, etc., as well as other accessories such as trays. In order to produce high-quality air ducts, the key is to master the technical points of operation of air duct equipment. The following are the details.

The rib is one of the key technical points of the air duct production line. It mainly adopts the five-line parallel method to form five-line arcs and angles, so that the formed plate greatly increases the rigidity and hardness. The straightening work is done by the leveling device. The lower roller of the leveling bead press is fixed, and the upper roller uses other tools to rotate the screw to adjust the gap between the two.

The feeding method of the duct production line is by means of a mechanical platform, and the limit block is adjusted in a free-moving manner. In this state, the feeding is not only stable and reliable, but also more accurate. The way of cutting the air duct is controlled by the control system according to the actual requirements of the air duct.

Ⅱ. The economic benefits of the application of the duct production line

Compared with traditional duct production lines, the emergence of fully automatic duct production lines has brought great convenience to enterprises. In the past, the production process of ducts required participation and operation of human, but the entire air duct forming process of the fully automatic duct production line was completed by one machine independently, which brought us economic benefits.

Make life safer. Through the establishment and improvement of internal control systems such as organizational construction, system construction, and process design, air ducts have formed a relatively strict risk control system. With such a high standard for air ducts, safety problems will not arise, which greatly reduces potential safety hazards and allows us to enjoy the pleasure brought by air ducts.

Save a lot of engineering materials. The connecting bolts are produced in about 40,000 kilograms and about 40,000 units according to the construction budget fixed by section steel. They are produced using the construction process of the common plate flange duct production line, and about 10,000 sets of bolts are installed.

The duct production line has brought many benefits to our lives, making it widely used in the current rapid economic development.

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