Oval Cutting Technology and System of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1. Oval cutting technology of CNC plasma cutting machine

When the elliptical plasma arc of the CNC plasma cutting machine runs through the cutting material, the cutting surface will form a certain angle of inclination due to the elliptical arc surface. In practical applications, we need to know the angle of this inclination according to different processing requirements. In order to determine whether the cut material can meet the requirements of secondary processing.

Through continuous research and practice, it is found that the inclination angle of the cutting plane of the CNC plasma cutting machine is related to the cutting material and the quality of the plasma power supply used. For example, when the CNC plasma cutting machine is used to cut soft metals such as aluminum and titanium alloys, the roughness is poor and the cut surface is uneven. When cutting carbon plates, the roughness is basically the same as that of flame cutting, which is 25μm, but inclined Larger angle.

The cutting surface roughness of different types of plasma power sources is slightly different, and the use of different cutting gases will also affect the cutting roughness. Plasma cutting has higher requirements on speed adjustment, cutting height, etc., and it is easy to leave cutting slag. The unburned metal content in the slag is more than that of flame cutting, and it is relatively difficult to remove.

2. Drive and CNC system of CNC plasma cutting machine

The drive system of the CNC plasma cutting machine is divided into two categories: stepper drive and servo drive. From a practical point of view, considering that the CNC cutting machine is only used as a preliminary processing equipment, the stepper motor can generally be selected to meet the requirements; in terms of driving mode , CNC plasma cutting machine can have bilateral drive and unilateral drive options according to different models and structures, of which bilateral drive is mainly used in CNC plasma cutting machine, with higher stability.

The CNC plasma cutting machine combines a simple and easy-to-use CNC system to ionize the high-speed airflow ejected from the nozzle at high temperature to form electrical conductors. When the current passes, the conductive gas forms a high-temperature plasma arc, and the heat of the arc causes the metal at the incision of the workpiece to locally melt (and evaporate), and the molten metal is removed by the power of the high-speed plasma gas flow to form a processing method of the incision. The elongated and stable plasma arc formed by annular gas flow technology ensures smooth and economical cutting of any conductive metal.

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