Performance Requirements and Benefits of Duct Production Line

Ⅰ. Performance requirements of duct production line

Today we want to share with you the basic performance requirements for duct production line. We hope that through our explanation, you can better understand this knowledge, and provide a basic reference in the purchase process.

In view of this knowledge, the electrical control part of the duct production line adopts full computer control. The punching point and square punching mechanism, shearing plate, and bending machine adopt a fully hydraulic system.

This machine is characterized by a small footprint, linear processing, high production efficiency, and it can manufacture small-section "□" air ducts. Its minimum section processing can be as small as 200 × 200mm common plate flange duct. The duct production line is a brand-new duct automatic production line with a high degree of automation. The production efficiency is significantly improved compared with other similar equipment. From the unwinding of the sheet to the final duct folding, it is fully automated. It combines multiple functions in one:

1. Uncoiling and blanking of fixed-length sheets.

2. The angle iron flange can directly complete the pressing of flat plate, L-shaped right-angle edge and joint angle.

3. Self-contained flange "—" "∟" "凵" "□" is automatically completed.

4. The folding of the duct is automatically completed.

Ⅱ. What benefits does the duct production line have?

1. Improve security. Through the establishment and improvement of internal control systems such as organizational construction, system construction, and process design, duct has formed a relatively strict risk control system.

With such high standards for ducts, there will be no problems in safety issues, which greatly reduces potential safety hazards and allows us to enjoy the pleasure that ducts bring to us.

2. Save a lot of engineering materials. The connecting bolts are about 40,000 kilograms and about 40,000 units produced according to the construction budget pipe fixed with profile steel. They are produced using the construction process of the common plate flange air duct production line, and about 10,000 sets of bolts are installed.

3. The composite duct products are well matched and have a high degree of standardization. The fully automatic duct production line for rectangular ducts has won many customers.

4. The ventilation loss is small. The quality of a product depends not only on its function but also on its consumables coefficient.

5. Engineering inspection is convenient. This is more helpful for customers to troubleshoot problems in daily use.

With its advanced technology, COMIFO is a company that designs, manufactures and sells duct machinery and duct manufacturing machinery to customers around the world. We get reputation and valuable improvement suggestions from them to satisfy the verification technology of the world. If you have any need, welcome to consult us.

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