Pittsburgh Lock Former Routine Operation

Adopts the pittsburgh lock former to make the air duct, the staff should pay more attention to safety.
(1) When using the pittsburgh lock former, it is forbidden to extend the gap in the mechanical pressure plate. On the turret is not allowed to place tools and other items, adjust the sheet. The feet can not be placed on the shoe. The use of fixed vibration shear hands to help Laminated steel, hand from the knife edge shall not be less than 5cm. Forces evenly.
(2) When the mouth, the fingers from the wheel guarding light is not less than 5cm, the handle shall not be placed on the pittsburgh lock former track, to stabilize the sheet metal;
(3) The bite processing should cooperate with each other and keep the distance with the pittsburgh lock former so as not to be injured by the overturned steel plate and counterweight.
(4) When operating the pittsburgh lock former, the hand shall not push the workpiece directly.
(5) The electric motor should be arranged in the indoor or custom shed to prevent the rain and snow from leaking. When using the pittsburgh lock former, check whether the parts are flexible and reliable, and it is forbidden to touch the blade and the bottom of the pressure foot by hand. If the two co-ordination with the more coordinated with each other. In the case of agreement, can press the switch.
(6) Use profile cutting, we must first check the protective leather is reliable. Silver is running normally. Cutting, the profile to be quasi-fixed after the blade under the pressure cut, forced to be uniform, moderate. When using the drilling machine, no interception gloves operation.
(7) The use of toxic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride oiled aluminum, the injection should be stuffed in the ear, if indoors, doors and windows should be opened into the use of mechanical ventilation.
(8) The work site must be equipped with fire extinguishers or other fire-fighting equipment.
(9) Strictly according to the project construction organization and design of water, electricity, pass-through and overstaffing and waste phenomenon occurred. The layout of on-site pipelines should be reasonable and should not be arbitrarily chaotic and indiscriminate use of random water on site, electricity management.

Pittsburgh Lock Former

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