Plasma Cutting Machine Accessories Maintenance

First of all, the main cutting methods of CNC plasma cutting machine are divided into: contact arc cutting and non-contact arc cutting. However, when cutting, the two cutting methods for different plates have their advantages and their application ranges are different: First of all, we first look at the difference between the two cutting methods. The Plasma cutting machine contact cutting can directly contact the steel plate, igniting arc; in the cutting of less than 2mm below the plate deformation is small, the cutting gap is narrow, can not chaos cutting. Non-contact cutting usually requires cutting at 5-8 mm from the spacer plate. Its strength lies in the ability to cut thick plates, and the cooling effect is better than that of the contact type.

The same drawbacks of these two cutting methods are also obvious. In the contact type, the heat source cut by the steel plate springs back to the cutting nozzle, and the service life is short, and the thick plate cannot be cut. Non-contact kerf width is not suitable for cutting thin plates due to the need to leave the base material.

To sum up, when we are purchasing a CNC plasma cutting machine or a manual plasma cutting machine, we must first have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the board we want to cut. Then choose the cutting method that suits us. In general, the CNC cutting machine industry plasma cutting machines are contact cutting, using water-cooled cutting methods, while the carbon steel plate thicker plate cutting, CNC plasma cutting machine power is the use of non-contact plasma cutting machine, can effectively prevent cutting nozzle perforation During the process, cutting tip and electrode loss! So how should we maintain our torch when using everyday equipment?

Plasma Cutting Machine
1. The distance from the cutting nozzle to the steel plate should be kept as constant as possible, usually around 3-8mm. If it is too far, not only the power consumption is too high, but also the power to cut and penetrate will decrease, and the electrode consumption will be relatively depleted, which will reduce the service life of the electrode. As it is more simple and very expensive, the service life of the nozzle will decrease exponentially and it will be burned even if it goes up. Of course, the service life of the plasma electrode nozzle is related to other factors, such as: the input voltage is high or low. The quality of the electrode itself, the quality of the plasma cutting machine and the integrity of the equipment, the quality of the plasma torch, the user's experience, etc., but the most important is the above 3 points, these 3 points pay attention to good words The life of the electrode nozzle will be greatly improved.

2. Try to cut within the normal cutting thickness range of the cutting machine, try not to cut at the extreme cutting thickness. The normal cutting thickness of the domestic cutting machine is generally 60% of the maximum cutting thickness marked by the manufacturer. (Example Domestic 100A Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturers marked the maximum cutting thickness is generally 32mm, but the normal normal cutting thickness is only 15-20mm), as far as possible in this thickness range of cutting, you can best protect the cutting nozzle;
3. Minimize perforation cutting. Perforation is the back splashing of molten steel that will injure the nozzle. This is one of the most important reasons for cutting nozzle damage. If perforation cutting is necessary, it is better to use a drill bit to drill holes in the perforation. The pre-drilled hole starts cutting.

Since plasma cutting is a new technology, most employees will not use new equipment. In order to let all employees of the maintenance workshop grasp the use of the plasma cutting machine as soon as possible, the operation skills training of the ion cutting machine is carried out in the workshop to grasp and consolidate the practical skills of the plasma cutting machine. Plasma cutting is fully used in the workshop, which can effectively improve work efficiency and save costs for the company.

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